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We should change voting from Masternodes to EVERYONE

no impact, but don't miss the point that I will like dash more if i can participate just like i felt good about twitter after voting.
I can understand that. If everyone could vote each Dash what do you think would be the benefits to "Dash" ? better projects? bigger/better community? higher price? not much? I certainly don't know.
There are certainly scenarios where many small voters can influence outcomes. Ascertaining if this is a good influence or a neutral influence or a bad influence, that gets into the dark and arcane arts.
Vote is power, just like freedom of speech or freedom of privacy.

freedom of privacy is the reason I bought dash by the way.

Even though I don't have masternodes, I wants to exercise vote rights to make something I like better

even if its small fraction of power.

I don't have much share because when I was buying price spiked(its big no no for investor like me to buy

at high price even if how much I like the investment)

If it wasn't for this 1000% jump, I am sure I will be holding master nodes right now.

I was buying $9 through $50 and then stopped knowing that theres no way I can afford masternode.