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We attended 12 events since May to support Dash (Detailed Dash Embassy D-A-CH report)


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Hello Dash Community!

We, the members of the Dash Embassy D-A-CH, want to share with you a detailed list of events that we attended since our last proposal got funded. We have posted about each event on the forum but we think that it is important to have a detailed list.

Bitcoin Meetup Malta (May):

Malta is a Hub for cryptocurrencies thanks to very friendly regulations and flying there from Germany is cheap and fast. The Maltesian crypto community invited us to talk about Dash and its unique features and DAO structure. You can see a short video of the event here:


Banks are twice as dependent on innovation in the age of ever faster digitization. To remain relevant they have to remain connected to the digital world and approach their customer with innovative ideas. We presented Dash to around 100 representatives of the banking industry:


Pioneers’18 (May):

We were invited by the crowdfunding platform CONDA (that accepts Dash as a payment method thanks to our integration efforts) to talk at their Pioneers'18 side event. The Pioneers is one of the most important events for Austrian innovators and we met many cryptocurrency users that wanted to know more about Dash. Here you can see a picture from our talk:


#BTCM2018 (May):

The Blockchain Hotel is the best place in Germany to learn everything about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. We have signed a partnership with them and their founders will talk at most of our Roadshow events. We sponsored their international #BTCM2018 event, gave a presentation about Dash and distributed informational material to the 200 attendees. You can have a look at the event on their website: https://www.blockchainhotel.de/konferenz/#location

Money 20/20 Amsterdam (June):

Two members of the Dash Embassy D-A-CH went to Amsterdam to support the Dash Core Team at the Money 20/20. We came in contact with many companies from all over Europe and many of them wanted to learn more about Dash. You can see our video interview with Dash People here:

Ambassador Training (June):

We want to have ambassadors in every major city in the German-speaking world. We organized a weekend with them to have them well-educated because our ambassadors should be able to answer every possible question. We are confident that their training meets the highest standards because we had the support of the core developer Codablock and an Austrian MNO:


Bank der Zukunft (June):

Another event with representatives from the banking industry. This time Jan Heinrich Meyer had to answer questions that Inken Schönauer, the editor-in-chief of the EURO FINANCE magazine asked. They talked about Dash, blockchain technology, the Dash DAO, the importance of incentivized Masternodes and the differences between Dash and Bitcoin. More than 100 people attended the event:


Vienna Cryptocurrency Talk at the Cafe Hummel (June):

The Cafe Hummel celebrated the installation of the first Dash-branded ATM in the German-speaking world. Other owners of coffee houses were invited to learn more about the possibilities of Dash and blockchain technology from representatives of the Dash Embassy and Kurant. The ATM operator Kurant is the biggest crypto ATM operator in Austria and most of their machines have Dash integrated:


Crypto Valley Conference (June):

Our first conference attendance in Switzerland was a great success and our booth was well received. We had the chance to meet many representatives of the Swiss crypto community and to talk with them about Dash.


Distribute 2018 (June):

The Distribute is a blockchain conference and it was therefore not necessary to talk about the basics of cryptocurrencies. Our talk was instead focused on “Governance” which is a very important topic that most decentralized projects struggle with. We have no pictures from the conference but you can confirm our attendance by looking at their speakers list (Dash is Nr.3): http://www.distribute-conference.com/speaker/

K5 Future Retail Conference (July):

The K5 is a retail conference and most attendees were not that familiar with Dash but they were open to the idea of instant and extremely cheap payments. We were a main sponsor of the event and one of the stages was therefore branded as Dash Stage. We had, besides our own speaker Rafael Schultz, speakers from major companies like Douglas or Zalando presenting at our stage:


Dash Meetup Regensburg (July):

After the ambassadors completed their training they are now organizing meetups in their own region. The first Meetup was at the University of Regensburg and had 25 attendees.


What's next?

Roadshow: The Dash Roadshow will start next week. The first event will be at the University of Mittweida. We can also confirmed events at the betahaus in Hamburg and the BOSCH Connectory in Stuttgart and more events will be confirmed over the next weeks. We are partnering with BTC-Echo (the most important German-speaking crypto-outlet), CryptoTax and the Blockchain Hotel to make these events possible.

Meetups: We want our ambassadors to plan one meetup per month. Some of them have already started this month but others will start next month because this month is filled with university exams and our ambassadors are students. We have 7 ambassadors and they will organize Meetups in Regensburg, München, Berlin, Heidelberg, Stuttgart and Linz.

Conferences: We have planned to visit 20 conferences in 2018 and we have attended 12 so far (there are 12 events listed here but not all of them are conferences, the other conferences took place in Q1) while 2 more are already scheduled. The two conferences that we have scheduled are the Blockchance in Hamburg and the Euro Finance Week in Frankfurt.