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WTB Want small plot of land, USA SW / PNW for Tiny House

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House rent and taxes are too much !

Will pay DASH for a small plot of land in the USA.
Pacific North West or South West preferred.

Some sort of building with water and electricity, if possible.
Pump house, barn or shop would be just fine.

We would like to build a Tiny House !

Thanks !
Connectivity !!!

I forgot to say a link is pretty important ! Really important !!!

In the past I've done a little experimenting with long range WiFi.
Never close to the records, but I can easily do 1/4 mile with minimal gear.
I'd given a little thought to repeaters running off a battery and solar panel. It could work ??

Data rate for cell phone would probably be expensive to run so I've never tried it.

Any ideas ??? I'm all ears ! lol
Might have a possibility for a small commercial property that has an electric rate of .06usd per kw/hr ...
I would be able to assemble and run my mining rig profitably !

I asked the seller, Would you accept crypto as payment ?
Response was, " What's that ? I don't even know what that is ! "

I only offered a short explanation, and didn't say a thing about Estonian Castles and such...
Hi Rusty I hope you're getting somewhere with this a place in the PNW sounds like living the dream to me you can keep the southwest tho too damn hot for me
Rusty, I have some Land in the Pacific Northwest I am willing to part with. I am willing to do escrow. Pm me and lets chat.
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