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Wallets of DASH are supported in a messenger iOS app


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There were a few tweets, including one by Dash. Released by @adamant_im on Twitter. I liked it. Messenger devs employed DASH wallet in the messenger’s system so that users can store DASH tokens in ADAMANT and send them via chat directly. – from the official release. You can visit the twitter of Dash to check on the tweets.

The messenger supports transfers like that and just a crypto wallet set

Eventually, DASH is the fifth cryptocurrency that was added to the iOS version of ADAMANT. Indeed, users have already welcomed other cryptocurrencies such as ADM (the project’s tokens), ETH (Ethereum), LSK (Lisk) and DOGE (Dogecoin). In order to interact with DASH and other currencies, users have to go to the “Wallet” section, where they will find all the necessary information about their balance’s state and payment history.

Any nicer apps supporting Dash on iOS?


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there are a bunch of iOS apps for Dash
please check - General - (sticky thread) Mobile Apps