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Wallet use workshop and POS system for merchants. DASHBOOST

Dash Gift Card as a pilot project gave us revealing results of our clients.

We prepare a content to send via email to all the winners of the contests, in which we provide details so that they can obtain Dash in exchange for bolivars.

The use of DGC was done by giving the winners of the contest cards with the private key of a paper wallet, to be exchanged for their prize.

This mechanism makes us doubt its effectiveness since the person could exchange it in a different place to the business or simply sweep the balance from his mobile, for this reason we are evaluating to develop an app through which we can manage the gift cards, that have Immediate connection with the merchant and that can be paid directly in bolivars.

The majority expressed insecurity due to the volatility of the market since many of them made a purchase operation in marked price instability.

When we started the radio advertising a large number of companies expressed their intention to use Dash Gift Card and require more information, our campaign was sent to them and a record was generated to call them to a workshop if they were interested in Adopting Dash.

In view of the low price and the few units that we could offer, we decided to make some presentations and events only for entrepreneurs and merchants, showing the advantages of use.

First meeting called Cryptoworkshop

For 30 attendees

25 new wallets were activated and 7 new stores were recruited with which we worked training and promotion for the use of our DGC

Second meeting with directors of:

*Fedecamaras (Chambers)

*Ucez (Merchants unity oficina Zulia state)

*JCI (Junior Chambers International)

With whom we agreed a call to your members to offer information on the use of Dash as a payment method.

Third meeting: we present Dash in official WordPress in Venezuela

With the assistance of more than 50 users who are interested in integrating Dash as a payment method for their web pages developed in WordPress environment with the implementation of the PrestaShop module in which the DashMaracay community made an implementation for the change in bolivars, which They found it very useful.

DGC in exchange for Chichas

Day of exchange of cards Dash Gift Card

Due to internet failures in the area, we use the DashText method for users to buy their product with Dash.

It was a comfortable experience for most users who, as new buyers arrived, taught the use of the Dash Text application themselves.

Fifth meeting with foundations and NGOs

Event for 14 representatives of organizations that participate in a digital training plan to obtain income for their causes through crowdfunding.

Our proposal for these events has been the use of DGC and in view of being able to massively reach merchants and entrepreneurs, we believe that for our next proposal we require budget for introductory workshops in the use of POS Anypay, in events that we schedule for the month of January / February to assist those who confirmed their willingness to use Dash.

We hope to reach 600 of the affiliates to the cameras that we approached, in 5 meetings of 150 people each, with the aim of offering training in the use of Dash, purchase of Dash with bolivars, change of Dash to dollars for the via Uphold and the implementation of POS Anypay
Greetings to all, I am sorry for such involutary incommunication, I have described the situation and I understand that this is not enough, I share the images late but even if it was not absolution, I hope you can see that it is not an invention, that I certainly have difficulties and I work for the same reason why you are here, I am committed to promoting the adoption of dash in my state and I give work hours for which I do not demand more reward, unfortunately the communities that we form do not yet understand the commitment that demands that we all support each other in view that the same compatriots who see us frequently showing activities do not go out of step with criticism. Personally, I think that is the battle, the collaboration and the community. I thank everyone for the attention because in the end this is our power ... to refute, deliberate and even accuse. It is also my responsibility to demonstrate what I did with the funds and I hope that now that I leave you some images, comment your opinions as well.

1° Meeting
WhatsApp Image 2018-12-21 at 4.01.01 PM.jpeg

2° Meetup , Chambers Directors

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