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Version 12.1 Release

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yes, this is far too powerful to consider the event of errors if implemented incorrectly.
I don't care to lose nuthin, yet somethin could be quite signicant, from one user to the next.
I would be quite happy if y'all ran this through the testnet a few more rounds, huh ?

Dash Core Release Announcement

Dash Core is a maintenance release of the Dash Core 0.12.1.x series
In this minor release only bugfixes have been included and we consider this a stable release. (NOT Mandatory but Suggested)
This release fixes a issue with proper watchdog propagation which causes rare "watchdog_expired" spikes.


- multiple wd rate check (#1426)
* Modify MasternodeRateCheck to support updating buffers only on failure
* Update rate check buffer only when fAddToSeen is true

- multiple vote fix (#1425)
* Avoid adding the same vote multiple times to the vote file
* Cleanup multiple votes in vote file

- Fix potential race condition in vote processing (#1424)

- Fix ProcessVerifyBroadcast (#1423)
* check if mn rank can be calculated
* fix "is in top" condition

- Reject payment vote if masternode rank can't be calculated (#1422)

- Don't add non-current wd's to seen map (#1417)

Thanks to
@UdjinM6, @tgflynn, @schinzelh
Not open for further replies.