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v0.13 MN changes ?

I updated my MN to v0.13 on day one and all went fine ,,,,, what I want to know is do I actually have to do any thing else or will my MN just continue to function as normal ,,,,,,

ps I have not made any of the new keys ect that i have read about all i did was update with dashman

Thanks ,,, yeah I've done all that ,, what I ment was is do any of the new keys HAVE to be made in order to stay in the payment list?
thanks I have read that and understand to some degree but does any of the new stuff HAVE to be done in order for the MN to remain getting paid ? if so "what" and "when does it have to be done by"

If your MN is updated to v0.13 and running normally, the next step is to wait for DIP3 activation (you can check the status in Dash Core using the `getblockchaininfo` command and looking for the dip0003 status). Once that happens all MNs will have to register (step 2 of the instructions on docs.dash.org - quoted below).

Once miners have updated and DIP003 has activated on the network, it will become possible to complete Step 2 and register a DIP003 masternode. After enough masternodes have completed this step, Spork 15 will be enabled and all new network functions will take effect.

You will just have to register your MN at some point after DIP3 activation to continue receiving payments after Spork 15 is enabled. For now though, it sounds like you're in good shape.