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so, i know its not as important while mining Dark, but it can still save you plenty of power, and since i switch between coins pretty regularly, its a necessity. Obviously i knew undervoltaging would help with thermal issues, but i finally got around to doing it this week and the results have been amazing. So just wanted to put this out there to remind everyone to undervoltage your GPUs, following this guide.

let me know if yall need any help, esp on R9 270 gigabyte cards which are not a straightforward. i have some running at 1.081V and some at 1.056V, no issue so far.
Any noticeable reductions in hashing speeds?
i did not notice a drop in hashrate, but not sure i got a good A/B comparison, since i am constantly tweaking my settings and which coins i'm mining. next time to flash a GPU, i'll make sure and check.
Awesome! I'm thinking whether or not I should tinker with my settings at all, this would be a good starting point perhaps.