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Troubling design issue. [Proposed Logo Modification]


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Hi, I am a graphic designer, and I am a big supporter of Dash. I am proposing to modify or redesign the logo of Dash for more unique branding.

Something troubling came to my attention. The current symbol for Dash; a letter D with a dash in the horizontal stroke, Is remarkably similar to an existing letter of the Old English Alphabet, Eth

What’s more, this symbol is obviously the ticker for Etherium, the competition. Eth even has a unicode on mac and pc. Ð

If Dash is a token of community belief for a new form of currency, it seems problematic that the visual concept has historically already been offered to the public and failed. Its modern significance is contradictory. At worst case the Etherium community has no reason not to culturally re-adopt it for themselves, albeit informally- undermining the legitimacy of Dash. It could simply muddy the image. It would be so easy to do being that every computer has an available symbol on the likes of $. The logo is not the same, but when pointed out, I believe it's hard not to notice.

Satoshi Nakamoto was wise to be anonymous with his coin offering. The intrinsic value of the currency became belief in itself, rather than belief in a mortal, naturally flawed human.

Charlie Lee of Litecoin has recently taken a similar path by publicly selling all of this LTC. Theoretically he is no longer tied to what Litecoin represents or will become.

I believe that Dash would only be stronger if if it were branded with minimal conflicting cultural associations. In this case, we have an overlooked cultural association that could capitalised by the competition.

I propose to modify or remake the Logo to reflect Dash as a unique token of value, something the global community can put their belief in without uncertainty.

I have worked as a designer, animator, and content producer for ten years. I am more than qualified to provide a logo and lead a project to do so. As the the first person to propose this as far as i am aware, I do hold intellectual property for a change on such a basis and I propose a designer commission.

I am currently undecided what this fee would be for such a significantly visible project. There are also a few philosophical questions that need to be addressed first- and i'm sure you will think of others on this forum.

Ongoing royalties are out of the question as I believe it would be counter intuitive to my cause. Another problematic issue is the idea of myself taking credit. Or who indeed would make the logo- it could possibly be decentralised. It would have to be as anonymous as possible so I am minimally culturally tied to the identity of the logo.

Thankyou and love to know your thoughts,

A concerned Dash hodler