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Translation recycling


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Hello dear translators and community members

I'm one of translators currently helping with Slovak translations. I've already translated Android wallet and I'm now catching up with core one.During current work, I realized that many translations were lost during update to 12.1 and I have to re-translate it again... This is quite unfortunate situation and it could easily repeat once (if we ever will) switch to 0.14 code.

Second issues I found is that we are lacking in terms of current translation coverage behind the Bitcoin (but not significantly). I've created a small too which is able to get Bitcoin translations from Transifex (it can actually be any coin) and translate our resources (those without translation). Then you just upload the file back to Transifex, so we do not need to translate the same resources and we can only focus on Dash specific ones. One example: There are currently 309 untranslated strings for Polish. I took Bitcoin translations, used my tool and I was able to recycle 101 strings. You can find updated file attached as well as log from the tool I made. All someone with write permission needs to do is to upload it to Transifex (rename extension from .txt to .ts first). If you ever try to translate something, you know that every string counts:)

We can also use this tool, save Dash translations before fork ans use them for re-translation of new code base. I'm also willing to mange this for all languages, I just need proper access rights (write permission) for all languages.

Let me know what you think...
Best regards


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