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Tipbot dream


So we have a Reddit bot that’s not stable and a Slack bot that’s build around deprecated api (accounts). Time for a redesign ?

Let’s dream a bit and create some requirments
* a cross platform tipbot
* working decentralized (not from 1 central wallet) = tips are send via blockchain, despise the tx fee

Possible paths to explore :
  1. user registers an address (privacy prob!) so tips are direct send to his/her wallet instead of the tipbot wallet.

  2. could something be possible via the T2 masternode network ? DAPI ??

  3. create a TIP token
  • in a sidechain (can set tx fee as wanted = low / zero)
  • as seperated coin ? could become a cross platform and cross currency bot (let’s call this one the Big Dream Of Naruby, BDoN)
The fix for the reddit tipbot is pending for the check. @flare?

I don't think putting tips on blockchain is a good idea.

Are there any works to put tokens onto the Dash blockchain?
Can you point me to a functioning youtube tipbot?
Not anymore I don't think. Used to be changetip I believe. They also worked with the "Discus" chat platform through coinbase. Never seen a twitter crypto tipbot, maybe Dash will be the first!
The problem with youtube now is that it's very difficult to tag a user in the comment. W/o this it would be nearly impossible to create a usable tipbot.

As far as I've found, youtube changed that behaviour (`@` and `+` tagging) couple years ago.

Would be glad if proven wrong.