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Three transactions with the same transacionId ?

Ahh. Ok. I was confused. It looked quite odd to me.
So this is a normal transaction ? And cryptsy should have credited all?
It looks like darksend transaction, cryptsy should have credited 27 DRK, but it's "uncommon" as usual transactions will have only one output for a given destination address.

So in effect Cryptsy received 27 DRK in their wallet, but if their system does not support darksend transactions properly, it may have stopped at the first output, and credited only 9 DRK to your account (in their internal database). So be sure to check the amounts you were credited!
Just a little update:
It is more than three weeks now and cryptsy still hasn't credited the coins. They said they have to address the problem to the wallet team and then they stopped communicating. I have asked for updates multiple times but I haven't gotten a single response. :sad: