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Thoughts about Dash and NFTs


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In his recent podcast with Ernesto, Joel suggested WAX which I would not personally recommend. WAX has some great official licensing deals (such as Blade Runner Black Lotus!) but to actually make proper use of it you will need a WAX Cloud account i.e. a single point of failure. You can potentially use Anchor wallet with WAX but you still need to tie it to a WAX Cloud account. The WAX Cloud account will happily reject accounts if, say, you are using a VPN or they just don't like your email address

I hate that dash is so late to the NFT party and, to be honest, it is quite the blow to my confidence in dash - because in theory the utility of NFTs is a perfect fit for dash. By now you probably realize that NFTs are great for gifts, promotions, royalties, subscriptions and exclusive access passes to events. But dash missed the boat and trying to play catch up will require a gargantuan effort.

From a technical point of view, the NFT space has not settled on a single standard. There are NFT standards but there is currently no single unifying standard, probably because we have yet to fully explore the endless possibilities. For example, the folk at Phantasma allow NFTs to contain NFTs. For example, an NFT car may consists of various NFT car parts. There is also the concept that some attributes of an NFT may be immutable while other attributes may be updated a certain number of times. There are other 3D NFTs such as The Meebits and Nouns 3D, but as you know, anything can be an NFT, from music to an apple blossom fragrance.

Dash's late entrance to NFTs hinged on the delays of Dash Platform. Now, instead of trying to compete with saturated NFT market places, we have to let people buy and sell NFTs using dash. Let people buy Ethereum NFTs with dash, so they may continue to hodl their ETH. And let them sell their Ethereum NFTs, with payment directly going to their Dash Direct Mastercard.

And hopefully the DIF can make some wise NFT investments... yes, buy into businesses operating in this space but why not also invest in a Bored Ape or two? @Darren

And yes, if anyone wants to buy my beam NFT, Alice Warhol (clearly derived from the Four Marilyns), the price is 20 dash (or 6000 beam).
The DIF is going to network with HNW people with NFTs or without.

The DIF did discuss buying a NFT, but that conversation quickly morphed into buying a NFT platform. Personally, I'd be interested in what type of NFT platform Dash Platform can support.
NFTs have to do something useful before they can be any use and selling crappy pixel art to ever-greater fools ain't useful. Dash might be late to the party but so far the party is a sham, all hype and zero utility but when it really gets started there won't be much out there that can even come close to Platform data contracts and documents for NFTs (even without the smart contract functionality).

Data-first was an absolute stroke of genius but, as usual, Dash has left the field too far behind. It's like when Schumacher was driving in F1, you'd only see a few brief shots because he was so far in front, all alone while all the action was at the fight for second place and if we're not careful that's exactly what will happen with Platform and NFTs, in a few years time we'll be looking at half-baked imitations of Platform being hyped as the latest and greatest thing ever to happen in crypto... and, as usual, with Dash conspicuously absent from the story.
Glad to hear the DIF has NFTs on it's radar. I am not suggesting the DIF buy any old NFT, it should only be a blue chip.

Buying into an NFT platform might be okay if there was some way to integrate Platform later down the road. This kind of thing might be needed because, even though NFTs are easy to do with Platform, building a reputable brand takes a lot of money and clever marketing, something that we're not good at without external help.

Saying NFTs are crappy pixel art misses the point. The synergies between NFTs and the collectors world are very high. And domain names are kind of the precursor to NFTs. We can safely say domain names are a saturated market yet a relatively small subset are extremely valuable. And frankly, I don't think there is any value in having a free-for-all anything-goes kind of platform. The real value is in narration, carefully selected and licensed works. And the building of communities with shared interests.
You're missing a couple of things:
What they're capable of.
How much data they use.

The first is totally unforeseeable, we could have a seething great mass of the things in the near future, cross-platform and capable of interacting... hell, add in AI and they could have an entire plain of existence. They're capable of infinite advancement with just the tools we have today... but they all take up data. The more you've got, the more you can cram into them, data-first is the future of NFTs and will likely play a key role in the tokenisation revolution. A dramatic title but crypto could have unleashed something deserving of it.
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This is very complicated for me to understand their relationship between dash and NFT. Can we use dash to purchase NFTs or it is talking about some other internal link between them? Can you elaborate to me?
This is very complicated for me to understand their relationship between dash and NFT. Can we use dash to purchase NFTs or it is talking about some other internal link between them? Can you elaborate to me?

At the moment this can't be done. The hope is one day people can buy NFTs with dash even though the NFT is on a different chain. And the same in reverse, to receive dash for selling an NFT on a different chain.
Certainly possible but Platform can handle NFTs too and it can handle far more sophisticated NFTs than anything that puts the data on-chain.
When you look at what Yuga Labs have achieved, and it's impressive, you realize that functionality alone is not going to take Dash Platform mainstream. Heaven forbid that we only have Dash Marketing Hub to "promote" it. Honestly, the only god damn reason why they get votes is because no one else has stepped up to take their place. Come on Chris, bring us professional marketers to kick some ass.
Right now this is where your best marketing happens for Platform, in the forums development section. Open source revolves around discussion, shared knowledge and innovation and that has every opportunity to thrive on Platform. When BTC got started it caused an explosion of ideas and Platform is capable of another wave, a hell of a lot of those ideas where too big for bitcoin but are easily covered here and the door is open to bigger ideas with the added benefit of hindsight.

Word needs to get out that there's something worth getting excited about and to all kinds of geeks, this is your guaranteed unique in-game item, your utility billing network, your self-issued digital identity that can wrap up all your state and corporate issued "digital passports" in a handy and streamlined package (and cleanly remove those state/corporate id's when they're compromised)...

Ads and hype are only worth doing when there's a demand and crypto hasn't really done the "omfg, I've got to have that!" thing yet, it's done "omfg, that's so powerful!" but it's yet to show how useful it can be.
An NFT is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items and videos. They are bought and sold online, frequently with cryptocurrency, and they are generally encoded with the same underlying software as many cryptos.
Can some buddy explain me dash in easy words
dash acts as payment token.
My opinion is that Dash is the oldest, easiest to use and most well funded of the privacy focused cryptocurrencies. So although it may not be technologically superior, it still has the first mover advantage and the network effect to remain a dominant player.
Good day. And what about Dash dApps? Do you know some good platforms which are work in this direction? I read a lot of information about such development on https://www.avax.network/ site. It is Avalanche - the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry. Their possibilities are really great!
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