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This week (11/22) at Dash Core Group!


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Hello Dash Community!

Here’s what’s been going on at Dash Core Group this week.

Network operators, please note we’ve got a minor DashCore update coming your way.

♂️ Preparing DashCore v0.14.0.4 for release with several improvements to InstantSend stability. This is a recommended upgrade for all nodes (both masternodes and regular nodes). A release announcement with additional details will follow

Applied CSS styling to the RPC console to improve the appearance of the UI

Made some small UI tweaks to DashQT, like removal of the border in pop up menus, unification in the look of various fields, fix for an issue with the “out of sync” label that caused spacing issues when it disappeared, fix for a warning label that caused spacing issues in certain languages, and removal of sub-tab for DIP3 masternodes (since they are the only type now)

Refactored some PoW (proof of work) functions including moving the special difficulty adjustment rule out of DGW (Dark Gravity Wave) as it does not have anything to do with the algorithm, and refactoring the GetNextWorkRequired function, which computes the new difficulty level. Refactoring only — should not impact behavior

Researched the ability to rotate validator sets (e.g. a quorum of masternodes verifying platform blocks) using LLMQs in Dash Platform

Completed work on several tasks related to the UI redesign on DashWallet Android, including menu screens, Change Pin screen, Currency Settings screen, Tools screen, and About screen

Launched dash.org website in Traditional Chinese