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The Setback of PrivateSend


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Hi guys!

I don't know if this happened only to me in this one specific case; I don't think so, because I think I have heard Evan talk about this somewhere before.

Anyhow, there is this setback of PrivateSend I personally find which is the obligatory transference of funds of the same amount as the denominations saved under your wallet.

Example: say I have 0.80000800 DASH as my PrivateSend balance (plus some funds which are not anonymised). If I wanted to send, say, a broken amount of DASH to my friend such as 0.29501938 DASH, my transaction would include a certain amount of PS denominations (most likely 0.20000200 DASH in this example), which are anonymised, plus the remainder of the amount from the portion that has not gone through PrivateSend, essentially breaking the chain of anonymity and (albeit lightly) exposing yourself on the network.

My question is: why couldn't in these cases the transaction take funds from the PS balance, like, taking 0.30000300 DASH and sending 0.29501938 DASH to my friend and returning 0.00498362 DASH as change? I know this would also deanonymise these funds, but the inputs of the transaction would have been anonymous all along, thus only requiring that you mix these 0.00498362 DASH again to regain privacy. Was this a design choice? Some limitation of the network? Maybe a point someone overlooked?

Please share your thoughts, I'd really like to know why this happens when you transfer funds from PrivateSend and maybe we can even find a way to improve upon it.
Ingenious! I never thought that the creation of change from anonymised coins could pose as a trouble for privacy! Thanks for pointing me to this thread.
It's been a long way for us to get from "pfff, yet another CoinJoin mixer" to where we are now. Most of things were improved under the hood, so they are not so obvious at first sight ;)
It's been a long way for us to get from "pfff, yet another CoinJoin mixer" to where we are now. Most of things were improved under the hood, so they are not so obvious at first sight ;)

Let me ask you another question on this matter: I suppose the PrivateSend function creates only a few different denominations because if it allowed the creation of denominations of all unities (1 duff, 10 duffs, 100 duffs and so on) the Masternode network would require a lot of processing and a lot of people using it at the same time to successfully do it, making it unfeasible. But should it allow more types of denominations to be created the need for sending an exact anonymised amount would be lessened (or even removed if we had all multiples as denominations). Is there any intention in implementing more denominations in the future? Additionally, are there any improvements the team wants to make to PrivateSend features? What's up ahead for PS?

Sorry if I'm forcing these questions, but I really like the idea of PrivateSend (still liked the name DarkSend more, though xD) and how it works, it is such a simple concept yet with such great implications! :)
There are 4 denoms defined in the system - 10, 1, 0.1, 0.01. We just removed 100 and added 0.01 in 12.1 due to previous price increase, we could probably adjust it once again for 12.2 to keep denoms at near-cash $ levels. Having more denom is making it hard to find 3 participants at current level of adoption, having less is not that usable. The good news is number of txes and overall network activity is finally going up https://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/transactions-activeaddresses-dash.html#6m which I hope means that we are getting some adoption.