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The Free Dashketeers - teaser


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Hey guys. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am working on creating a platform for volunteer Dash artists.

I first looked at forking the DMH and use Trello, but I found Trello to have some content publishing constraints. I have therefor decided to create an independent Discord server.

It will be run by me and my 2 brothers and will be called 'The Free Dashketeers'. It is for all community members (read; die-hard-Dash-enthusiasts) who enjoy working together on projects and create great looking, high quality content. This includes me as well, as I found that creating content this way works best for me. To just freely create something, or to participate whenever a good idea arises. There will also be plenty of opportunity to learn something and share skills and knowledge.

The idea is, that ideas can be submitted and each approved idea gets its own channel (similar Dash Devs). People can openly discuss and plan on how to, for example, visualize the idea.

Once content has been created and is ready for publishing, it will be added to a channel called 'Showcase', as a post that includes tags and possibly with links for supporting the creator(s). Content can be freely used on social media or in any other type of Dash presentation. It can also be submitted to a corresponding Dash contest.

Now that the Dash Ecosystem graphic is nearly finished I finally have some time. It's all really in the 'early stages', but starting next week, I'll be working on setting up this server. I've already started working on a TFD logo and although I'm exited to show you the logo, it still needs a bit more work.

Anyways, stay tuned!

One for all! All for one!
Yet Another Discord Platform I Will Never Use

It's fine that some people don't mind the format, but if you want maximum engagement then I think you should look at alternatives. But at least you're motivated enough to actually do something.