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The Crypto Show Sponsorship Renewal/Dash Cares/Remittance ATM Plan


The Crypto Show would like to extend its partnership with the Dash network by continuing a sponsorship for the show. We would also ask for help starting a charitable organization we are calling Dash Cares. The show has proven itself a s a great platform for highlighting crypto use cases in the area of giving and charity work and want to be exclusively involved in Dash branded charity work. We are also launching a Dash remittance business focusing on Mexico and will be in possession of multiple Dash branded ATMs. Our experience, combined with helping the Core team establish exciting relationships and on boarding new businesses has given us a unique place inside the Dash ecosystem and we would like to leverage that for more charity work as well as helping drive remittance networks through Dash. This proposal seeks funding for all of these creating immense value to the network.

The Crypto Show

The Crypto Show is the longest running FM program dealing with cryptocurrency news and discussion and its hosts and producers seek the network’s approval for a sponsorship package for the show. The hosts of the show are even more dedicated to growing awareness and adoption of the DASH network and currency after getting to know the Dash dev team and community over the past year. The rise in interest in Dash has grown tremendously since the our initial sponsorship and we feel this is no accident and don’t want to see it end. The show has interviewed most of the leading voices in crypto and other decentralized technologies, and feels that Dash is a great sponsor due to the features that set it apart from other projects in the space. The team feels even more confident in presenting the reasons for the adoption of Dash to its crypto-minded audience. In addition, the Crypto Show has a successful track record of fundraising for charitable organizations and the show would like to continue to make Dash the lead sponsor of its work by naming its new organization Dash Cares.

The show continues to be a prominent voice in the crypto community and the team at the show believes strongly that highlighting Dash’s decentralized funding and governance model as the show would do, would continue to elevate Dash’s visibility and advantages in the space. This is something the show has strived to do on air and in interviews over the past 3 months. The hosts Danny Sessoms and Chris Nenedal have cultivated quite a name and presence in the space. With experienced radio hosts at the helm and a spotless reputation in the community the guys at The Crypto Show have created a vast network of connections throughout the world of cryptocurrency (see sample guest list below). The show airs twice a week on Sundays and Wednesdays from 8-10pm, a total of 8 episodes a month. Due to its regular time slot on an FM radio station, The Crypto Show is the most consistent radio and podcast content provider in crypto because of its set time each week. The hosts have made it a point to mingle Dash into their interviews with leading Bitcoin gurus to help raise the profile of Dash in the minds of some of the leading people in the space. The hosts of the show are very much still dedicated to growing awareness and adoption of the DASH network and currency. After interviewing most of the leading voices in crypto and other decentralized technologies, the show feels that Dash has been a great sponsor due to the features that set it apart from other projects in the space. Our website with the Dash banner proudly displayed: http://thecryptoshow.com/

Radio Sponsorship = 30 Dash/mo.

Some Recent Media coverage mentioning Dash:




Public Relations - Dash Cares

The Dash protocol has tremendous vision and we at the show feel that vision has not been communicated to the wider crypto scene effectively. A major hurdle for bitcoin has always been the negative press of scams or hacks. But we have found that showing the ability for a coin to support charities in a decentralized way like the efforts of Bitgive, Sean's Outpost, FreeAid and others is tremendously valuable PR to the public and also helps a lot of people. The show has helped dozens of charities with its work, even helping to raise over $12,000 for Ross Ulbricht's defense fund in a series of fundraisers it conducted. We would like to continue to bring this kind of charitable attention to Dash. With Dash’s help we were able to provide much needed assistance to the hurricane victims in Texas. The host Danny Sessoms was able to deliver over 10,000 meals and thousands of towels, toiletries and other necessities to parts of the state that had lost everything. Danny was also able to create a fundraising giant that helped the team purchase a Dash branded rescue boat to help with water rescues during the flooding. This grabbed headlines across the crypto world and help give Dash the great PR it was looking for and helping people at the same time. (see below) We would like to continue this work in Texas but shift focus to helping people in Mexico as well with an organization exclusively dedicated to the Dash brand by starting Dash Cares. The Show has worked with the charity Unsung for over a year, but feels that Dash deserves to have a branded charity because the Dash network was the largest contributor to our Unsung efforts. Dash Cares will be something the whole community can be proud of and can help highlight the capability of Dash’s DAO while other coins struggle to make decisions for themselves.

Dash Cares = 30 dash/mo.

Check out some of Danny and the show’s work and the media coverage of Dash it generated.





Pics and Videos of Dash Charity




Mexico Remittance and ATMs

The Crypto Show is in the process of establishing a pair of Dash branded ATMs for the central Texas area. One is to be placed in San Antonio and the other in Austin. Hopefully, we will be adding more as we take on a business partner. With Danny and his Dash volunteers shifting their work toward the interior of Mexico, the show’s crew would like to create a remittance model that could be duplicated elsewhere. Danny has partnered with Bitso, the largest Mexican bitcoin exchange, to help facilitate a Dash/btc transfer process for Mexican citizens receiving Dash from abroad. This will be a game changer, especially after Trump’s talk of taxing Western Union transfers to pay for the border wall. Danny has made contacts with former Mexican President Vicente Fox and has discussed endorsing a crypto remittance model if there is indeed a tax on transfers by the Trump administration. Here is Danny meeting with Vicente Fox. As with the Cannabis outreach tour funded by Dash, which Danny successfully made contacts with hundreds of dispensaries and industry leaders that are now set to work with Alt36, pending the release of their POS system. This new direction plans on breaking new ground for Dash in the Mexican market. The promise of bitcoin leading a remittance revolution with inexpensive fees is now a fading memory and Dash has the opportunity to draw lots of attention to that cause through efforts like this.

Remittance and ATMs = 30 Dash/mo.


Dash and Crypto Show Highlights


The most read article on bitcoin.com is about the Crypto Show’s partnership with Unsung that Dash has already helped sustain. Read it https://news.bitcoin.com/unsung-arcade-city-1000-meals/

“The Crypto Show has been instrumental in advancing Arcade City in Austin and globally. Connections they made for us turned into two of our most important strategic relationships: Airbitz for Bitcoin payments and security, and Unsung.org for connecting our drivers with a social mission of feeding the homeless. Their radio PSAs and well-done interviews are the cherries on top. We’ll always be happy to partner with The Crypto Show.” - ChristopherDavid, CEO of Arcade City

"The Crypto Show has been fantastic in establishing The Austin chapter of Unsung and it is amazing. The amount of good they have been able to do on a very limited budget is astounding. Well over a thousand meals fed in a very short period of time. A real asset to the Unsung community." - Jason King, Founder of Sean's Outpost and Unsung

"I have worked with the Crypto Show in advertising the Texas Bitcoin Conference and other events. His promotion was the most effective of all we used. The Crypto show has shown a level of consistency and quality that has proved to be effective in promoting Bitcoin, Conferences, and businesses. Additionally, they have provided great guests, information, and entertainment." - Paul Snow, Chief Architect at Factom, Organizer of the Texas Bitcoin Conference

Great article on Bitcoin.com about the show in which the Dash sponsorship is mentioned: https://news.bitcoin.com/crypto-show-discusses-bitcoin-radio/

What Prominent Guests have said about Dash with the Show:

“Your sponsor Dash tops my list [of altcoins].” - Roger Ver https://letstalkbitcoin.com/blog/po...-big-blocks-with-roger-ver-and-justus-ranvier

“You [The Crypto Show] popped my Dash cherry.” - Adam Kokesh https://letstalkbitcoin.com/blog/po...h-adam-kokesh-stas-oskin-from-wingsplatformai

“hey @TheCryptoShow what happens if you tweet #Dash.org #Anarchpulco.com” - Jeff Berwick https://twitter.com/dollarvigilante/status/816743118536081408

Broadcast Networks

TXLR 89.1 FM Austin, TX

LTB Network https://letstalkbitcoin.com/blog/category/the-crypto-show

Logos Radio Network http://www.logosradionetwork.com

LRN FM http://lrn.fmBitcoinTalkRadio.com

Tastypodcast.com http://tastypodcasts.com/podcasts/crypto-show

Ratings and Stats

#1 Show on BitcoinTalkRadio.com

60,000 Plays each month on Soundcloud

Over 900,000 Plays on Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/heryptohow/stats/plays/2017-09-20/2017-10-19

2nd Most listened to show on Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network after Andreas Antonopoulis’ show

Broadcast on 89.1 FM in Austin to the 35th largest radio market in the U.S. with radio coverage to potentially 1.6 mil listeners

A Sample List of Some Past Guests

Kim Dotcom, Entrepreneur and Internet Revolutionary

John McAfee, CEO McAfee Associates

Andreas Antonopoulis, Author of Mastering Bitcoin

Cody Wilson, CEO Defense Distributed

Amir Taaki, Dark Wallet

Roger Ver, Bitcoin.com

Alex Winter, Actor/Director of Deep Web

Jeffrey Tucker, Liberty.me

Peter Todd, Bitcoin Core Developer

Pieter Wuillie, Bitcoin Core Developer

Paul Snow, Chief Architect Factom

And hundreds more...Check out our Soundcloud for more: http://thecryptoshow.com/soundcloud/

Dash Guests on the show since beginning of Sponsorship:

Even Duffield, DASH Lead Developer

Andy Freer, DASH Developer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KANxcC_jRM

Daniel Diaz, DASH Business Developer https://letstalkbitcoin.com/blog/post/the-crypto-show-with-daniel-diaz-of-dash

Juan Gault, DASH Evangelist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrAEXgRqZFI

Amanda B. Johnson, DASH Evangelist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sE4zVxHITY

Ryan Taylor, Director of Finance at DASH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qi7OqlQClg4

Perry Woodin, Founder at Node40 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5u7HmVlkhEU

Recap Budget

The show would ask for a 90 dash a month for a period of 6 months, a 25% reduction from last period. We would split the budget as follows:

33% - The Show Sponsorship (30 Dash/mo.)

33% - Dash Cares Charity Work (30 Dash/mo.)

33% - Mexico Remittance networking ATM startups and travel (30 Dash/mo.)

This is a tremendous value for the price.


The sponsorship would last for another period of 6 months starting November 3rd and ending on April 3, 2018. If the network appreciates the effort we have made and feels it is worth funding in the future than we would present a proposal in the future.


The Crypto Show Team