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The Crowdnode Trustless Staking Advantage


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There are many advantages of converting your trusted stake with Crowdnode to a trustless one, a few are listed below.

  • Once the masternode is formed, the funds can only ever be returned to your Crowdnode deposit address, you now have direct control of the funds.
  • It only takes a stake of 100 or more Dash to enter a trustless stake with Crowdnode, you can stake in multiples of 100, eg 100, 200, 300, etc.
  • You can end the stake at anytime by broadcasting the pre-signed transaction, your Dash will be with you as soon as an instant lock hits and you can spend it immediately. Note this is different to withdrawals from the trusted pool which can take hours to days depending on the amount and time of day/week you request the withdrawal.
  • You still get paid the same, there is no interruption to your pay during the establishment process, payments continue to accrue in your Crowdnode account and they are compounding, meaning you earn more rewards on your pay. Your pay is part of the Crowdnode trusted balance.
  • You still vote just the same as before, if you are voter on Crowdnode, then your voting weight remains the same when you are in a trustless stake.
  • You are still paid from the entire population of both trusted and trustless masternodes in Crowdnode, meaning it is not that upon forming a trustless stake with Crowdnode that you are now only being paid from that one stake, instead you continue to be paid every time a Crowdnode masternode is paid, same as it is for trusted stakes, this means even if you are 100% in a trustless stake (all of which are only 1k masternodes) you will get partial payment from the so-called evonodes upon launch, which may pay out more than the Regular 1k node type.
  • You do not need to dig up your private key to your Crowdnode deposit address to sign the messages and transactions when creating a Crowdnode trustless stake, simply generate a new address in the Core QT wallet use that for the signing process.
  • You do not need to sync a core wallet to sign transactions and messages necessary for creating the trustless stake. While it is recommended to have a core wallet synced for things like mixing etc, if you don't have one and do not wish to sync it, just download and install it and start signing away without it even syncing, it does not matter!
  • Regardless of what happens to Crowdnode in the future, once the trustless stake is created, you can never get rugged, but you get all the advantages of staking with Crowdnode the whole time, low fees, hassle-free masternode setup, no server costs, no KYC, you automatically have a partial share of Evonodes too, daily payments, unlike with a real masternode that pays only once a week, no hassles with network upgrades, no downtime, etc etc etc etc....