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The biggest Russian off-line crypto-exchange has started working with DASH

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Located in the center of Moscow (m. Kitai-Gorod) off-line exchanger "MaRSe", which previously worked exclusively with Bitcoin, began to operate with the becoming more and more popular cryptocurrency Dash.

Now you can buy and sell Dash for cash rubles in Moscow, with the exchange rate tied to the current exchange rate of the BTC-e.

People who work in the exchanger "MaRSe" have earned a high reputation in the cryptocurrency market since 2014.
In addition, in their office you can purchase hardware wallets KeepKey (DASH is supported!) at affordable prices.

Service "MaRSe" highly appreciates the potential of the digital currency Dash and intends to take an active part in building effective and convenient fiat gateways for DASH. Both ordinary Dash users and services wishing to use the key advantages of this crypto currency, such as anonymous payments, instant confirmation of transactions, etc. are invited to cooperate.

Address: Russia, Moscow, m.Kitay-Gorod, Maliy Zlatoustenskiy pereulok, 3, building 3.
Phone: +7 (499) 3915521





(Go on a visit - there you can also get free promo magnets DASH, the piles of which are visible on the bottom photo!)
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