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Tante Stefana's Sometimes Weekly Update :P


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Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday!

In so many ways, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. exemplifies what many of us are trying to do for society by creating workable digital currencies, free from the corruption of Institutions and manipulation by Governments. It's nothing short of taking back the control of our lives from government and too powerful institutions, and hopefully establishing a system that makes it infinitely harder for them to wage war on each other at the behest of corrupt corporations. All done, slowly, but surely, in peace.

And what a quote, eh? It really fits the Dash team. I know of no other team than the Dash team, who continuously improve Dash, with an unrelenting search for excellence. God bless you Dr. King, and all your family. Thank you for the most excellent message, we continue to try to learn from you and take heed.

Wow, what a week! What a 2 weeks

LOL! It all started immediately after my last post

Another budget passed for January, The preparations for the Miami conference has been feverishly worked on, from the nice pamphlet, to the Instant X soda machine and the paper wallet give-away. kot gave me a nice low down on all the things he's been working on, boy is he a busy man! As I mentioned above, he got the miami pamphlet finished, and he created some nice marketing graphics, which you can use yourselves in your own work. Kot is also working on the Electrum-Trezor wallet and of course, kot is coordinating the work with the Lamassu ATM intigration. He is quite the backbone behind the scenes and it's hard to list all of them. Just know kot is indispensable, even if you don't see him on the forums much :)

yidakee also got back to me about what he's been up to. Yidakee is truly the Dash handyman, with his handies everywhere, LOL. Oh, he's doing some really cool side projects with other members, fernando, tungfa and Minotaur along with kot above, and if they pan out, it'll be pretty awesome, but that's all I can say. Yidakee is also working on porting OpenBazaar to Dash, but that's a long term project and with all the stuff going on for the conference, all hands are on deck. So once again, another team member who kindly took the time out to let me know what's up, but is extremely busy! If an entity can have 2 backbones, yidakee would the second :)

Finally, lots of news, with the combination of Mike Hearn quiting Bitcoin and writing a disillusioned good bye article, Bitcoin took a nose dive a couple of days ago. So silly how the market reacts so drastically to any ripple in the water. News that there was a substantial number of Dash stolen from Cryptsy over the last 16 months, and slowly sold off, at approximately 30,000 dash per month. Then peetering out last November, seems to have boosted the price of Dash, plus the drop in BTC prices, seems to have added to the Dash/BTC trading value. I guess we'll see how that pans out. Hopefully, Dash will start to reflect in price, what it's accomplished in development.

And that Dash and Drink soda machine has been so popular, it's been the main discussion on Bitcointalk.org for almost this entire two week period! So I think I'll post here, the soda winners who will get a coveted spot in the machine:

Potential Top 6
Mineral Water
Mt Dew
Dr Pepper

Thanks again to all the guys working on this, including camosoul, oaxaca, Raptor73, Sub-Ether and everyone else! You guys are the BEST!

And lets not forget MoocowMoo, who not only is a great stay at home Dad, but also an amazing contributor, always updating and adding functionality to his Dashman Masternode management program, InstantX soda machine programming, and tons and tons of support all 'round with so many projects, I forget what they all are!

It's been a very exciting 2 weeks, and undoubtedly, I've forgotten many things. Please feel free to add what you remember below. Perhaps, someday, we can use these threads as a diary of the early days of Dash :)
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I think you got me mixed up with Moocowmoo who is doing the Dashman and is the stay at home Dad. I am a dad too, but work on solar projects when it is warmer. Moocowmoo has the genius behind detecting the IX. This is a huge step for Dash! He also corrected a lot of the writing in the interview/article after Camo and I did the first part. He is has a knack for cleaning up the details. He put in a ton of hours fixing code and testing with me. And most of all is very patient and is still talking to Camo and myself.

Sub-Ether really hasn't been involved with the Dash N Drink. TheDashMan did the website redesign which is fantastic. Fulltimegeek created a new wallet that is fast for the show. HashEngineering updated the android wallet to included IX.

My main duty on the Dash N Drink besides for generating the idea with Camo has been doing the rough part of the code - code for relays/screen text/qr code and helping with testing. Only a few other items like handouts and paper wallets are left.

Camo has done a ton of work making an old soda machine look decent. It is a lot of hours for Camo, but the paint and decals are on. Only a few more install items to go. Camo and I both have the smarts of the machine, which turned out to be a good thing when he had a bad power supply connection started eating Pis. ...LOL

Finish line is in site.
Oh dear, you're quite right, I did mix you up! You should wear different colored ribbons in your hair, you look too much alike! LOL.

I don't just get my kids' names mixed up, I get the gender mixed up as well :p Horrible I am!
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Yah, I'm going to be lucky to get a core team member to give me their personal update once a quarter to tell you the truth, but whatever I can expose about them as I go along, I will :grin: