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Synergies: Abra company with Dash. It's possible?


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I've been thinking now that Abra company is growing.

It would be interesting that since Dash Core (Ryan?) You could try to make a partnership between Abra and Dash to integrate the Dash network for instant payments. The Bitcoin network can not do that and that is a great competitive advantage.

In negotiation, the Dash Budget System could be offered, if deemed convenient.

Technically it is very easy, since Abra is associated with blockcypher.com

For Abra, it is more interesting to use the Dash network, than Bitcoin.

What is your opinion?
I have been thinking about integration with Abra for some time now!

Please don't let the lack of response from others here dissuade you from this proposal -- I think its potential benefits are beyond obvious.

I watched that video pitch of Abra to the Planet of the Apps board, and I was stunned -- the founder's main pitch is affordable cross-border payments. With Bitcoin's transaction fees sometimes pushing $5 -- and just today, a Bitcoin Core developer openly announces that everyone should expect these fees to continue rising -- Abra needs DASH like a kiss needs a hug.

I would absolutely vote to support DASH integration into Abra. If Daniel Diaz (@Minotaur) isn't interested in taking this on as a core team biz dev operation, I'd vote for someone else to do it.

Very forward-thinking, @blockchaintech, I am right on board with this one.
The question is not if it's useful. The real question is who will take the lead and will complete this project.
The idea is already launched, for the moment.
Maybe it was not known what the Abra company was doing, and I wanted to communicate it to the Dash community.
There is time, and we can always launch it by the DAO, I am meditating.