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Supposed 450,000 Dash/Embezzled from Cryptsy?


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Been watching these coins for like like 18months (enviously I might add :p), they have been systematically sold off every month at crypsty. More being sold off whenever dash spikes up, but if you follow the coins all the way down you see them dwindle to below 30k which is when I stopped paying attention.


To me it was just evidence of how strong Dash with approx 20k extra dash being dumped per month, basically roughly an extra 20% sell pressure.
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so - what you're saying is.... [and correct me if I'm wrong]

We have had HUGE down pressure for - ugh - all this time when we should have been climbing - ugh - - ugh

I can only say - It's been good for buying low but - I think we're about to see where DASH really stands....

LOOK OUT FOLKS - this could get very UGLY !!!!

REALITY UNLEASHED - with consequences

coaster time?
That is my interpretation, especially since this was happening for such an extended time (hell 450,000 is roughly a tenth of all dash in existence) and I been watching dash rise ever since he ran out. Not to mention the 20% increased sell pressure is assuming that all dash created was being sold which would not have been the case, it would have been 20+% sell pressure.

This guys is going to be remembered like that guy that sold 10% of apple for $800 bucks.
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I'll have to watch and see......
never know - speculation at this point..........
Will make it bad for anyone wanting to run a masternode. Pricey enough as it is.

Running a single MasterNode at first was thought to cost $10,000USD but of course the price has not been that for over a year.

EVERYBODY, in the known nerdy Crypto world, has had a chance to buy in for 25% of the original, 'thought' and/or cost.....

I'm really not in the mood to hear the, "I got fuck because I got here late...!!" story again, anytime soon - so.....

If you missed the Boat that took forever to leave the dock..... That's your fault....
.....It's a long swim when your chasing a Row-Boat now turned StreamLiner UNLEASHED

I have no idea who pissed in your cornflakes.

Let me point out a couple very simple truth for you.
1) I did not complain, only speculated. Need an definition of speculation? "the forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence." - If i wanted to start one I would, and likely not look for your omnipotent sympathy nor compassion.
2) Nobody cares about your 'mood swings'

Thank you.
Looks like our bearwhale has been harpooned for now.

But isn't it strange. This whale has been able to trade on Cryptsy and most like been able to get his btc out, while others have had their withdrawels stuck (otherwise he wouldn't have deposited massive amounts of dash there).

So maybe some kind of Cryptsy insider, something fishy going on.

Fx. this address https://chainz.cryptoid.info/dash/block.dws?366457.htm deposited 7000 dash on 8. nov 2015. By that time Otoh and everyone had withdrawel problems, but obviously not mr whale here.

Final cryptsy deposited address: https://chainz.cryptoid.info/dash/address.dws?Xqi7sWthYKFPCK3KHcKq8BqY9vMcWy4r3t.htm Whale ran out of dash 19 nov.
Yer I heard last year Cryptsy had half of all the alt coins in existance in their cold wallets, not surprising there were a ton of Dash as well,
nicely spotted!
Will make it bad for anyone wanting to run a masternode. Pricey enough as it is.
Read Evo paper v13 Section 12.1.


Not saying it will happen but it could.