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[SuchPool.pw] We are back! Even faster than before!




We are back! Fresh new servers, we restored accounts/workers and logins! You can login with your old credentials.

Same old receipe as before:
  • 1 account and 1 set of workers for all pools
  • SSL on all pools
  • Multiple Load-Balanced Node.JS Stratums + VARDIFF
  • 24/7 Monitoring on Stratum, MPOS, Central Wallet, Mysql and much more
  • Helpdesk Support System, Active team
  • DDoS Protected and Flood filtered
  • Private VMWare-based Cloud infrastructure
  • Multiple databases and frequent full database dumps
  • Hosted in a state of the art Datacenter using n+1
  • Best bandwidth carriers, excellent connectivity and latency worldwide
  • We also have our own on-site tech support, since we are the hosters.


All the pools have fresh databases; that means there are no transaction history. This allows us to keep a lower hardware overhead for the moment until they grow up again.

To reach us:

URL: https://suchpool.pw
Email: [email protected]
IRC: irc.freenode.net - #suchpool
Twitter: @SuchPool
Super great to see you guys back in action !! :wink:

Quadruple thumbs up!