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Structuring a meetup


I attend a weekly two hour meetup with around ten or so home educating families and one of the other parents has expressed an interest in digital currencies and asked me to arrange a chat with interested parties about the topic. Im happy to do so but i am a little unsure about how to structure such a thing. Im looking for advise on how i might do that.

The group is fairly diverse with children of all ages who attend. I dont imagine that everybody would be interested, but no doubt some are. I was thinking that i could perhaps ask people to download the jaxx wallet on their phone and send $1 worth of dash to one person and then ask them to send it on to the next person so that everybody can get a feel for how the technology works but then im not sure where to go from there or even if this would be the best way to begin. Should i just see what questions are asked from there and go with the flow or .... how should i direct the flow?
Thank you for your suggestion. I like the idea of suggesting this video and downloading the jaxx app prior to our next meet. I also like the idea of sending dash amongst ourselves at the meet for a hands on experience. Dash works better for this because of the lower transaction fees.and thankfully jaxx now has dash on both android and iphone. Plus im a fan of dash and like the UI and UX goals it has set.