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Spending DASH from paper wallet


New member
I'm trying to figure how to spend DASH from a paper wallet. It seems that the Electrum wallet download link on the website doesn't exist. The exodus.io site states that you can only import private keys for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

What are my other options? I'd rather not download the entire blockchain if I don't have to.

The Electrum wallet was pulled out temporarily due to some problems. You can swipe it with a mobile wallet like Coinomi. Probably Jaxx, too, but I haven't used it.
I don't have an Android. I have an iPhone. I see that Jaxx might work but it's unclear to me how to install it on my PC. They seem to have no instructions and it doesn't self-install itself when I download it. Thanks for the help.
Actually Jaxx doesn't work for importing DASH private keys. It does for bitcoin. So, I'm back to square one now.
I'm sorry, but Apple doesn't seem to like altcoins very much. Have you tried Exodus?
Btw, AFAIK, the current crop of dash wallets are transferring the entire value from paper to their wallet.. but personally I'd rather spend directly from the paper wallet and automatically return the change to it, just like Mycelium.
I am also finding it very difficult to access, if the DASH team are looking at ways to improve user experience this area is wide open.
If you are comfortable with dash-qt you can do the following.

1. If you don't have dash-qt installed first of all install it and wait for it to sync.
2. Go to debug console (I think tools > debug console).
3. Type "importprvkey [your private key].

You can then send your DASH where you like.

You should be comfortable with security and encryption and all that fun stuff before proceeding.