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SOLVED............Need some help .....


New member
Hi everyone ,
I had about 30 DASH in Coinomi . At 2021 I made 2x10 dash transactions to KRAKEN and I left the wallet with 10 coins.
For months now dash is always off line (red dot) and the coins are missing .
After some search , I download the BIP39 mnemonic code recovery tool , and I exported addresses and private keys in order to move them to Dash wallet.
I check with a block chain explorer and the only address that had something was the first ( XccJhy32a3kQJRoizefML1Uu1Cv2PPEKsv ).
I entered the private key in the dash wallet and nothing happened.
The address that has the unspent 10 Dash ( XhpLUZdDWQCWKXzkXvbqdZcFDeY1sK1nnG ) is no ware in the list of the recovery tool.
Am I missing something ?
Can anyone help ?
Thanks in advance
There was also a quicker solution by getting dash-electrum.com when creating a new wallet with your existing seed, in advanced select BIP39, move forward and you would see all your coins and keys there.
Im glad you were able to make it your way too.