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Small Russian goat farm accepting Dash


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Hello, guys!

Sorry for bad english, we are russian farmers, it's a bit different then usual ICO nano spaceships launchers.

So. We have goats (around 100) and we producing awesome 100% goat milk cheese, yogurts etc.

We are working 2 years so far and now we accepting crypto-currencies (including Dash ofc). If you plan to visit Russia someday, you always can get our products for Dash :D

Crypto world is a bit new for us but we think that blockchain technology will change the world like the wheel or internet did it before.

We don't have english version of our website but you can use Google translate or try to learn russian a bit :D

https://www.alspas.ru/ - our website

https://www.alspas.ru/shop/ - products

https://www.alspas.ru/product/kachotta-iz-kozego-moloka/ - my favorite cheese

https://www.google.ru/maps/dir/''/а...15438da10e5c537!2m2!1d35.6808708!2d55.6545653 - google maps

Thank you for attention and always welcome!
козочка3.jpg аудитория.jpg Ѓ°й†п.jpg
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Hello mister! We can place it in our partners section https://www.alspas.ru/druzya/ , but if we can be the first official point on russian map (https://discoverdash.com/) where people can spend dash... why not? We are not scam and we like the crypto world and want to make it a bit more real then it is!

I see you placed social media links in the footer. Dash is also a social movement. I think it would help to instill trust and promote forward thinking.