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Should I even bother?


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I normally wouldn't post a link to my blog here because I've no desire to promote it. It's not that kind of blog... Besides, I don't really want a bunch of crypto riff-raff woketard garbage going there... And my SSL cert has been screwed with by the deep state, again, and I refuse to fix it, again...

...but, I can't be bothered with the woketard censorship rules imposed on the forums and discord, so go look: http://conventionalstupidity.com/?p=3109

I got the notion after being told, two times now, at my favorite BBQ Rib place in BKK, that DASH payment is not available. Even though they have the sign up... The problem? Only "boss lady" can do DASH payments because "boss lady" has it in her phone. And "boss lady" is never there...

A dedicated POS device is needed. Period. It's morbidly, painfully obvious. I've been saying it for years. What the hell is wrong with you people?

Should I even bother? I'm confused why nobody else in DASH cares about this or even tries. If nobody else gives a crap, why should I?

I haven't heard a peep about development since landed. It's like everyone disappeared and DASH is a ghost town... DASH looks like a dead project. This would work waayyy better with DAPI, but it's doable as-is.

Why is DCG Biz Dev still doing absolutely nothing about this? Why aren't they doing anything with the vending machine they've had for so many years? I gave them everything they could have ever wanted to use it and replicate it after declaring me invalid white man, but they do absolutely nothing... If DCG Biz Dev has no faith in DASH, why should anyone else?

What's to say they don't get in the way and sabotage everything like they did last time? Why should I bother? Why should I put in the time and sweat to do this, only to be stabbed in the back over irrelevant woketard politics, again?

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did u watch the call last night ?
maybe u should
did u watch the call last night ?
maybe u should
You can only stick your head in the sand for so long. Eventually reality is gonna get you...

You have no budget, and no plans to do anything about it.

There were a few things that stood out as interesting, but it's waayyy too little, waayyy too late...

I did enjoy the PDF from Ryan about regulatory stuff, etc... that's a good shift. But, I still don't see DASH-branded instant cash-out service for vendors back-ended by an existing partner (Kraken), or a payment terminal device that actually works with DASH's features. It would generate sell pressure, which gives you the opportunity to discuss and promote rapid arbitrage trading with InstantSend, instead of no-reason marketing of simply shoving it in everyone's faces with no reason to care... Sure, they're afraid of InstantSend... Just offer to cover any losses. You know there won't be any, so it costs you noting and displays maximum confidence. Or, do you have no faith in your own creation?

(Really, just HD exchange accounts and something that queries the exchange for the next unused address and makes a QR code of it... Pump the seed into a Trezor for double-plus good stuff. A few other niceties like rate, fiat comparison, etc... A busted ol' ESP8266 can swing that with no need to run a local client... It's just http queries to and API that mostly exists already, not really doing much itself... usernames and DAPI will add to it, but it'll work as-is for piloting... Why not get the ducks in a row now, instead of waiting for a mad rush with no preparation?)

Gaming/Gambling is a dead end.

Oh, and you pushed the delivery date back another whole year beyond already waayyy past too late...

The loans to build credit sounds interesting... You going to stop renting and build a place? I really hope you're not going into debt to pay the bills for your extravagances...

...and you're still a bunch of woketard snowflakes.

I already bought some hardware to play with just because I'm friggin' bored... I doubt it'll go anywhere, I just need something to do...
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What happened to the ElectroPay Dash POS device? It seemed really promising but I haven't heard about it in a while.
I have no idea. I was interested in what they were bringing to the table, too. I asked them to send me one of each, or at least contact me with more details when they got further along, but never heard from them after the initial response nearly a year ago. I assume (speculative) the woketards got to them...

They've got mass production (scale of economy) and distribution sorted out.

I don't.

I'm not the guy for the job, don't have the resources, and don't care to gain them.

I'm perusing it as a learning project and a side-show to my embedded/microcontroller electronics hobbies. I have no plans to make it a business or scale production...

I want an "Engineering Material" capable 3D printer anyway, so, whatever... Throw in an Ultimaker S5, I'm printing cases for the project in a material that can actually be used in the real world. This is the opposite of economy of scale...

Retirement was supposed to be fun, but the communist Fedcoats robbed me of muh bote before I even got to set foot on it. So, now I'm effing bored!

Idle hands... Be careful what you wish for, commies; you just might get it!