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Sent dash to address I have no idea what is


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So I managed to send my dash to XpESxaUmonkq8RaLLp46Brx2K39ggQe226 which seems to not be a private dash address. I am a total noob and was drunk af while doing this and tried sending my dash from my Ledger to Dash Core.
Any way to find out who this address belongs to or where it leads to? I have checked every exchange where I have funds but I cannot seem to find an exchange that supports dash.
Any help would be greatly appreciated as the sum I sent was quite large.
I feel like a complete idiot and I do not understand how on earth this happened


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Indeed, which makes me believe this is not a private person. Probably irrelevant information but I simply cannot fathom who this might be. I have no idea where I got this address from. The balance also constantly changes. Any idea what this might be? Changelly? Is there any exchanges that support dash at the moment?
No idea, but i guess it can be exchange, but who knows, sorry.

PS. Check your emails if there is any hint about this.