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Seeking Russian contacts

The Natural

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Sorry about not knowing Russian language, but here we go.

I am a Norwegian who have family ties in Russia. I would like to get in touch with Russian Dash fans that can communicate in English. I would like to know if there are any systems working for making donations to the suffering people in Donbass. Also on a personal level from time to time paying for delivered goods to a person in Crimea, if I can find a dependable person that can act as a middle, for a fee perhaps.

Happy elections and hope to hear from somebody in Russia.
Hello! I'm founder of "Radio+1" project. We are got funded from Dash Treasury (our proposal at DashCentral) to clever promote DASH benefits to Russia, CIS and soon - to whole world. We are DASH fans)

We will be proud to help you donate and communicate to Donbass and Crimea people and telling it in live ether of our radio.
Our office and live studio - in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Contact please to our PR&Support:
Maksim Katsupi (English and Russian)
Cell phone and WhatsApp: +79111145914
Telegram: t.me/katsupi
Email: [email protected]
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