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Secure environment


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As I understand, here you demonstrate how to break connection between sender and receiver in the network logs. This is what Darkoin is about. However, Dark Wallet does not work in vacuum. The anonymizing network makes sense only as long as you use secure, anonymous environment. If NSA can watch all your passwords and files over Windows, Google and Facebook, they can see who you did send funds to, inspecting your wallet files.

So, which environment should you use for making a secret transaction. Which OS? How appropriate is Debian trails?

Does Dash Wallet leave any traces on local disk? Can you use disposable temporary wallets for single operation under : load trails, create disposable account, receive money from you main account, forward to funds to the target, erase all the traces of the session altogether with wallet. I was told that wallets are cheap since there is virtually unlimited space of addresses. However, do I need to download the whole gigabites block chain?

Yes, this brings me to the question "How scalable the Dark Coin actually is"? Bitcoin does not seem quite scalable once you know that with couple of thouthands users per 2 years it accumulates 2 GB of transactions, which will be terabites per day if currency gains popularity and takes over the regular money. The useful wallet must be cheap and fit the mobile pocket. Going back to the previous question, It should not record the transactions also.

I just do not know where to ask such FAQ questions and I ask here therefore. But, I expect they become a part of FAQ ultimately.

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