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Scalability to cover global transactions


New member
Hey There,
Really want to dig my finger into the major scalability problem and fast transactions globally if a crypto coin gets used by anyone.

I see some solutions like PCs that are online, and which have DASH Core installed on windows could always support instant sent requests if they happen close to them (when placed in an publicly accessible wlan. Or however tech champs would resolve that.

further if Dash is becomming the major crypto coin, you should consider some wording for the very low ammounts behind the ,
0,00000001 = 1 Dashy or whatever. (Obv. Pls not satoshi)

In doing so, if people host dashcore they should benefit from transactions done by their system with a dashy.

further if this is becomming really big, 10 Dash should be enough to represent a masternode, considering all values in dash, noone would hold a100 of them unmoved.

Instant transactions for everyone in the world with an intelligent system/blockchain, would be key for people to decide investing into dash. Also if they help by installing just a core and being paid for resolving transactions. I really mean this besides being a decider masternode, and seen seperated from mining.