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R.I.P. SuchPool


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suchpool.pw said:
Unfortunately, we will have to halt our operations. The current state of the market makes our operation non-profitable. Our servers are paid until 2015-01-24, you have until then to withdraw all your coins.

It saddens us to have to close, we might come back if we see things pick back up. We've been there for a year and really enjoyed providing you guys with a reliable pool!
We're gonna shutdown stratum servers the 15 january


I always liked the pool and the way the admins handled everything.
Why doesn't this sort of thing happen to the pools that cheat on the masternode payments. Hopefully these miners will join the dct pool...
I was born with suchpool in my blood when I had a rig..later i switched to p2pool and dctpool
We're sorry to have to go, but lately it's not been so profitable. The darkcoin pool itself paid well (90% of the hosting costs).

Closing the darkcoin pool is really what saddens me the most of all, but we do need a little break. If we see markets start moving up again and we see we can run this operation while making some money for ourselves, we will re-open the pools.

I know, it's not always about the money.. but splitting 150$ into two for a month of work each is not quite coping for the sleepless nights and the brutal awakenings!

Nonetheless, we will stick around. I'm not going anywhere, just shutting down our servers for the time being.

ALSO, PLEASE URGE TO WITHDRAW YOUR COINS. The servers that are hosting the coins will be offlined on 2015-01-24. I won't be renewing the cabinet next month, so please withdraw your coins. Whatever remains will be considered a donation from the community for our effors through 2014 ^-^

Thanks to everybody who supported us! We saw a TON of support in the last days, makes me more sad to close :(
It was a pleasure eth1
Hope to see you soon on the block :)