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QT wallet, unable to set label for proposal fee transaction


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I can see the proposal fee -1 dash, and I can right click "Edit address label" but nothing actually happens, no popup dialog etc.
Unclear what you are trying to do, the proposal fee TX is a burn TX, it goes to the bit bucket, not an address in your wallet. You can see the burn TXes on this handy page. https://mnowatch.org/history/
Not sure I understand. If the wallet knows it is a burn address, surely it could auto-fill the label with something like "Proposal fee" and then let me clarify which proposal it was funding? I think any burn address is entitled to a label.
Strange. Why does an MNO make negative publicity for Dash???

All freshly mined dash is transparent so I'm not sure why you think it's such a negative statement, the developers and community obviously prefer it this way.