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PyPar2 ? what is that ?


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I have a 32 bit linux OC and when I downloaded the new qt it opened up this PyPar2 program
When I run it it creates allot of .par files on my desktop, what is this and why does my qt not open.

Can anyone help me with this?


par files are repair files for rar archives, but why clicking your darkcoin-qt wallet brings up such a utility is a mystery...

Check you don't have a corrupted or incomplete download, check the qt is executable, check you don't have pypar2 associated with qt files in your GUI/window manager settings.

(And make sure you have qt4 installed i the first place! ;))
Thanks for your reply.

It worked had to right click on the qt > Properties > Permissions >> and check Execute: (Allow executing file as a program)

thanks again :smile: