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Proposed Statement Of Work (SOW) For Dash Blockchain Wallet Tutorial Campaign

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Denni Lovejoy

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Date: February 12, 2019
Client’s Name: Dash
Project Name: Dash Blockchain Wallet Tutorial Campaign
Representative For Each Cryptocurrency Project: Dash Community
Representative For www.Cryptocurrency.Market:
Denni Lovejoy, Software Tutorial Specialist, https://twitter.com/DenniLovejoy

I. Summary

Currently there are over 2,000 cryptocurrency projects listed on coinmarketcap.com. Many of these cryptocurrency projects have their own official “decentralized wallets”, use recommended third-party wallets or are in the process of developing their wallet software.

For example, the Dash project created the Dash Core Wallet.

Many newcomers entering the crypto market are not computer or software savvy and will not properly set up, protect and secure their cryptocurrency wallets. Crypto projects such as Dash will need user-friendly Blockchain Tutorials for the Dash Core Wallet to help new users understand how to use the wallet correctly.

The goal of this proposal is to obtain funding to create:

1. Create a set of Dash tutorials to help educate the public on how to use the the Dash Core wallet and Dash Central account in a step by step user friendly way. This set of tutorials will include:

- How to download and install the Dash Core Wallet
- How to send and receive Dash using the Dash Core Wallet
- How to backup, protect, and update the Dash using the wallet
- How to integrate Dash as a payment method and get listed on Dash Discover
- How to make a Dash Central account, upvote/ downvote, and comment
- How to make a Dash proposal

II. Introduction

My name is Denni Lovejoy, I am a Blockchain Tutorial Specialist at www.Cryptocurrency.Market and you can view the quality of my past blockchain tutorials here:

Blockchain Tutorial Playlist:

Blockchain Tutorial #4 - How To Setup A Dash Wallet - By Denni Lovejoy:

I started creating blockchain tutorials to help newbies avoid getting hacked by bad actors in the crypto community. I chose to work with Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com’s www.Cryptocurrency.Market channel because they were the 1st and only channel on the internet back in early 2013 that I found to be talking about trading and investing in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. For example, they were the only channel that I know of to recommend investing in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Stratis, Monero, Decred, NXT, Antshares, etc. when everyone else was afraid to do so. These coins all turned out to be huge winners.

I learned from the www.Cryptocurrency.Market channel that the #1 most important thing in cryptocurrencies is to survive. Unfortunately, many people who have bought cryptocurrencies lost them because of a lack of security, privacy and formal education on how to use their digital wallets correctly. The lack of blockchain tutorials amongst all cryptocurrencies is why I started my Blockchain Tutorial playlist on the Cryptocurrency Market channel. I believe uneducated newbies in the crypto community who do not understand what it takes to secure, protect and use their digital wallets will mistakenly leave their crypto on exchanges which is subject to being hacked or stolen and will not back up their private keys.

I have been monitoring the digital wallet space for quite some time now and I have chosen to associate my brand/ reputation & seek funding from the Dash community for due to the project’s a) professionalism b) software engineering/technical abilities and most importantly c) a working governance model and lastly d) the Dash team has a working decentralized wallet called Dash Core which is located on https://www.dash.org/get-dash/.

For the above reasons and the fact that I am more comfortable working with people I have personally met in person, I RESPECTFULLY submit this formal proposal to the Dash community to request funding for myself to create an ambitious, 3rd party, independent, unbiased blockchain tutorials to educate the public on how to use the Dash Core wallet and Dash Central account correctly.

III. Objectives

To create a series of tutorial videos to:

1. Educate the public on how to setup and use the Dash wallet with a set of user friendly Blockchain Tutorials.
2. Educate the public on how to set up a Dash Central account and make a Dash proposal.
3. Educate the public on how to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls in key parts of the tutorials.

IV. “Blockchain Tutorial” Deliverables

TUTORIAL 1: How To Set Up & Use The Dash Core Wallet ($500) [VIDEO FORMAT]

1. In this phase, I will help viewers understand the initial process on how to download and install the Dash Core wallet.
2. Explain how to send and receive Dash on the Dash Core wallet.
3. Explain how to backup, protect and update the Dash wallet.

TUTORIAL 2: How To Integrate Dash As A Payment Method And Get Your Business Listed On Dash Discover ($500) [VIDEO FORMAT]
1. In this phase, I will demonstrate how to integrate Dash as a payment method for business owners and get their business listed on Dash Discover.

TUTORIAL 3: How To Make A Dash Central Account, Upvote/ Downvote, Comment & Make a Dash Proposal ($500) [VIDEO FORMAT]
1. In this phase, I will demonstrate how to make a Dash Central account, show users how to upvote/ downvote and comment on the proposals.
2. In this phase, I will also provide the step by step details on how to make a Dash Proposal.

V. Pricing & Terms

If you are interested in having me create the video tutorials mentioned in Section IV. “Blockchain Tutorial” Deliverables for your crypto project the cost will be as follows:

1. I respectfully request $1,500 worth of Dash for me to complete the section IV. “Blockchain Tutorial” Deliverables.

2. The grand total cost of section IV. “Blockchain Tutorial” Deliverables = $1,920. (Includes 5 Dash Proposal Submission Fee)

3. The estimated completion time for this entire proposal: 10 Hours x 4 Videos = 40 Hours x $30 USD/hour = $1,500 USD for Content Creation. This proposed schedule is to do this work in under 1 month allowing me to create 1 tutorial per week.

4. Payment will be paid in Dash (DASH) by a Dash Representative to me and will be processed after all 3 tutorials are accepted by the Dash community. I will email a Dash Representative an invoice with the details.

5. I will include 1 revision per video.

VI. Conditions

1. The tutorials will be hosted on the Dash YouTube channel or any other official platform and not hosted anywhere else.

2. I will get all my basic questions answered on Dash support channels.

3. I will state in the videos that I’m being sponsored by the Dash Community anywhere that is deemed appropriate.

4. Dash will own the copyrights to the content created in this SOW and the Dash Project has the right to use the content without asking me for permission.

5. Videos will follow the Dash design guidelines.

6. Videos will be reviewed for accuracy by representatives of the Dash community before being released to the public.

I am submitting this first draft of my proposed Statement Of Work (SOW) to invite feedback and commentary from the Dash community.

The following are questions are for PIVX to consider and are not part of the SOW.

Statement Of Work (SOW) FAQ:

1. What is Denni Lovejoy’s big picture approach to help educate and promote Dash to the public?
This entire SOW is based on the premise that Dash is sponsoring me to do a series of educational/ tutorial style videos of the cryptocurrency governance coin sector.

2. Why are you taking a tutorial-based style approach to the videos?
The reason for this approach is to help viewers AVOID any mistakes they may make while going through ANY of the processes associated with using Dash software.

3. Will you follow the Dash design guidelines and have consistent screen-design intro/ outros?
Yes, I plan to use consistent screen-design and leverage anything additional the Dash design and support team can offer me including intro, outros, disclaimers, ideas, etc. I will be following the guidelines found on https://www.dash.org/graphics/.

4. Do you plan to publish the videos on the Youtube channel of your company or will they go into the official Dash Youtube channel?
No, I do not plan to publish the videos on our 'Cryptocurrency Market' YouTube channel which has over 26,000 subscribers and over 700 videos. Dash will have all the rights to the videos and will not be hosted elsewhere.

5. What is your target reach expectations and how do you want to keep the videos up-to-date if something changes in the GUI/software?
I do not plan on doing any advertising or marketing for the tutorials and will let the Dash PR marketing team strategize that. I can speak with the PR team as needed, but my proposal is to create video content only suggested by the community.
I will give 1 revision per video if any of the videos need updating.

6. Did the other cryptocurrency projects you made video tutorials for also pay for their production?
No. My approach has been to create 66 blockchain tutorials for free first, to then leverage this work portfolio as my Proof-Of-Skill so that I can approach projects like Dash with my proposal.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about my proposal.
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Hey Dash community and support team! Would love to get some feedback on this proposal! Let me know your thoughts please! Thank you! - Denni