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Proposal: The Dash Times



The Dash Times, formerly known as DashPayMagazine has come a long way since launching in February 2016. In less than one year we’ve grown quite a bit averaging around 15,000 unique pageviews per month. Currently our facebook page has 810 ‘likes’, Google+ 1056 followers and Twitter 872 followers.

Brief Summary of What We’ve Been up to
We published some great DASH articles written by Elisha and other DASH volunteers. Some examples would be the Dash Information Guide, (What is Dash?), and (How To Store Your Dash). We also published some articles on behalf of the DASH project that went viral. An example of one of our viral publications would be this article written in partnership with Vanbex Group. (Legality of Cryptocurrency Holdings). We had boots on the ground at the recent D10E conference which lead to very positive press and a semi endorsement from John McAfee on his Twitter account. How Will Proposal Funds Be Spent?Articles/Stories/Guides = 26 DASHWe will be publishing articles, DASH stories, Guides and Podcasts. The articles will be in addition to the articles we’re already publishing and will not include general news pieces, e.g., “Jaxx Wallet adds DASH”. We will deliver between 5 to 10 extra articles per month written by professional writers whom we’ve already spoken to.
List of Guides we Plan on Writing
  • How to Add DASH to your Store
  • How does DASH mining work?
  • How to Mine DASH
  • How to Get Involved in the DASH Community

Cost BreakdownNote: Cost for guides include special graphics and writers compensation while USD calculations are based on 1 Dash = $11.5.
  • 2 guides listed above at $45 for each = $90
  • Community sponsored podcast = $120
  • 4 articles at $45 = $90
Final ThoughtsNo matter the outcome of this proposal I will continue my efforts. Recognition goes a long way and this is more a token of appreciation than anything. This will also go a long way to help the blog and also serve as a great opportunity to advertise the Decentralized Governance By Blockchain to our rapidly growing audience.

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Thank you.
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