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Proposal Summary and Commentary: Renewal w/Changes


Hello Dash Friends -

After our prior approved 3-month proposal to summarize and comment upon every proposal wraps up this month (https://www.dashcentral.org/p/Proposal-Reporting), I wanted to get some feedback on how it went and propose some potential changes to the format that I hope will enhance the value provided and further focus our efforts towards the original goal of providing both useful concise information for MNO's in making decisions as well as foster a discussion as to the underlying actual potential value of proposals.

Overall, the underlying mission and value proposition of the proposal will remain unchanged: by taking the time to create the summaries and digging into its potential value to the network in terms of increased users, increased stickiness, and increased performance of the overall network and Dash ecosystem, we hope to save a greater net value in MNO time spent doing so as well as in the value provided as a result of more educated votes by MNO's who simply don't have the time to do due all necessary due diligence otherwise.

That said, I would like to propose a few changes to the overall detailed performance and deliverables for our next proposal and get your feedback before submission:

  1. Instead of a pre-recorded rundown of every proposal, host a live show with on-the-spot discussion of all proposals approximately 5 days prior to the voting deadline as well as a follow-up stream 2 days before the proposal deadline: Doing so would allow for much more timely follow-up to questions posed as a result of our normal proposal video. I've gone live for our normal "follow-up" video the last few months, and I believe the quality of the summaries was similar to a degree such that the production and value provided is materially similar to that of the pre-recorded version. However, because these streams has minimal promotion, the "discussion" value was largely unrealized. (See point #2.)

    Additionally, the "2 days before" stream would follow up on proposals that were both submitted since the prior stream as well as (and perhaps more importantly) capitalize and help facilitate on the significant increase in proposal related discussion just prior to the proposal deadline that seems to arise every month about proposals that are on the fence.

  2. Greater promotion of proposal streams: Due to the significant volume of information available to MNO's each month regarding proposal videos, it now seems apparent to me that better promotion of our efforts (especially for potential live streams) would be necessary. Thus, (as some have suggested) I'll be setting dates and times of both streams early in the month, with systematic regular updates and reminders throughout the month on most (if not all) available platforms, including this form, the Discord server, r/Dashpay, and any others as suggested.

  3. Interviews with proposal owners: Over the last few months, I have also conducted interviews with proposal owners in order to get into greater detail regarding their proposal as well as give the proposal owners a chance to sell the community on their idea. Past examples include Hardfork TV Series, Feedbands, and several others. The proposal would also include resources to provide at least two such interviews each month.

  4. Changes to PDF "viewing guide": Each month, we've provided a PDF with a summary of each proposal as well as some brief "evaluation" style commentary. Assuming this is valuable, I would propose to continue providing this service but with the evaluation commentary and ratings omitted. I believe that a significant value in sussing out these proposals comes from the resulting discussion and providing written evaluations provides too much incentive to rely on a centralized opinion rather than the full discussion with pros and cons beyond what we can provide.

Our prior proposal was set at 20 Dash/month and included the reimbursement of the proposal fee. The price of Dash was significantly lower then and thus would expect the price to be approximately half that (although I'm posting this during the great crypto crash of Jan. 2018, so I will consider that when submitting as well!). The fee is based chiefly upon the value provided by the proposal in relation to its cost but also takes into account the significant time required to complete as well as video editing expense and miscellaneous administrative expense.


I look forward to hearing any and all of your thoughts on this and I greatly appreciate the warm welcome and the opportunity to serve the Dash community over the last 6 months!

Stay Dashy,

Personaly i need to be negativ again:
after looking into your vids and how you rate proposals how you make a statement that realy week (shity, schwach). this is not a real analysis of the project. just your opinion and personaly i dont mide your opinion..
I also think i spend more time om review each proposal then you do till now. ok i also need to translate it to german and i also check who the guy is how is sending the proposal.
after the Price of Dash 300-1500$ your content dont improofed, no extra affort from your side. i would expect more way more but you never deliverd what the network realy payed for. (for me in my Eyes).
to be faire the intervies was good but not worth the Dash you got.

after what you alreddy got from the network so fare a fair thing would be to say i do the next 3-6 Month for free but im sure you are not that kind of person
i will vote no.
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I have mixed feelings. I agree with @Schnuppdog that your summary of proposals is weak. I'm not disputing your conclusions but it's more summary than background check and analysis.

However, for me, the important (vital) service you provide is the proposal interviews as this gives us a better insight of the people involved; an opportunity to explore, elaborate, dig deeper and challenge their proposition.

So, I would say, just stick to proposal interviews and keep the cost low / realistic.

Off topic but.. I have similar issues with Dash Force News. I like their website / articles, but the long running dash cheerleader sessions are thin on content. I don't disagree with their assertions and positivity with dash... and sometimes they have interesting guests... but in comparison, their website gets far better engagement.
And if you do stick to just interviews (recommended), you need to work a bit harder getting MNOs to watch... the view counts are quite low.
As a proposal owner and new entrant to the dash ecosystem, we have found Craig to be accessible, professional and incredibly helpful. It can be scary and intimidating for new people entering the space and submitting proposals. Even with support on the forum there is still no guarantee your proposal will pass, and $5,000 is a lot of money to anyone. Having someone like Craig who immediately answers your email and works around your schedule to make a video happen gave us the feeling that Dash was a welcoming space that played fairly, and if we simply reached out we could access a wonderful resource to help inform people of our proposal. Our initial experiences with Dash would have felt much different if not for Craig.

From the proposal-owner perspective, Craig's channel feels like a cornerstone of the Proposal system and going on his show feels like a step as necessary as escrow.

I believe this provides incredible value which may be difficult to quantify numerically.
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Hi all! Great feedback, and much appreciated. I responded to all comments in the thread in the most recent proposal video update here (link is timestampted to when I talk about it):

I'm very glad to hear that the interviews are of value! I'll be putting more out in February and look forward to your feedback.

I'm very greatful for the opportunity to work for the Dash DAO thus far, and look forward to being involved with Dash in the future, in whatever form that takes!
I became an MNO around the same time you started the proposal review series and I've found the videos very helpful in voting as I simply don't have the time to go over all the proposals myself.
That said, I still don't feel as confident in my vote as I hoped this videos could. I miss key details about the proposal owners and their budgets that would make me more confident in their ability to perform.
Is it possible that you do go over those details yourself in order to form your opinion but that you don't have time or simply forget to go over them in your videos?

Also, going over all the proposals just before the voting deadline takes a lot of time. How about doing 3 shows instead of 2 with one as early as possible when a good number of proposals have already been submitted?

I agree the interviews are very useful. Please do more of those.

I will continue to support your proposal but hope to get more value out of it in the future. Thanks!
I might of been too harsh on Craig regarding his efforts, though I maintain the proposal interviews are a real benefit. My only concern is that he is now going to continue the interviews without pay, which I feel is going too much in the opposite direction. Some kind of balance needs to be found.
Thanks guys for the additional feedback!

Spreading it out/not leaving it til the end makes sense. I think I will do some live streams more spreadout during the month instead of the formal rundown at the end and see how that works.

I'm really glad to hear that the interviews are useful. I was thinking the same thing, but I wasn't sure if others would agree. I think I might head in this direction moreso as it seems to be much more universally agreed upon.

Thanks again for the help in hashing (heh) this out!
Hey y'all! Streaming live tonight at 6pm PST re. some of this month's proposals as well as the network in general! (This isn't related to my proposal, but I figured this was a good place for it!) Here's the link:

Someone mentioned that the link wasn't working; I'm not sure why as it seems to be from what I see, but here's the text link to copy/paste if not:


See you there!
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Hello Craig, the link you provided above is broken, you should edit and put the right one. Good luck my friend, thanks for always deliver a great job and always help the community members.
Hello Craig, the link you provided above is broken, you should edit and put the right one. Good luck my friend, thanks for always deliver a great job and always help the community members.

Thanks for the heads up Alejandro - It looked like it was working from what I can see, but I pasted the link in text format in case it's not working. Congrats what looks like a passing proposal for Dash Help Venezuela!
As I've said in other venues, I really appreciate the work you've done, has made a difference in how I voted on a number of occasions. I'm one of the few who does take the time to thoroughly read through and understand proposals myself, but it always helps to get someone else's informed perspective, and I'll echo the praise of interviews, they really help flesh out and humanize the proposals and give us an idea who and what we're really working with in making these decisions. I hope you'll continue to be an active, present part of the ecosystem, no matter how that manifests.
Thanks Arthyron - I greatly appreciate the feedback and encouragement. I believe I will start a pre-proposal thread for just the interviews this month in order to gauge interest.
MNO Australia.
Craig Mason is a very grounded person, and thus I respect the information he has put out. I have followed the voting summaries, and yes, they have assisted my voting. Many of the proposal interviews have been very helpful.
This said, I think some very fair criticisms have been made in this thread. I realise covering the proposals is hard to do on video, but at times I find Craig's proposal summaries lack in depth WADR as has been mentioned.
This said. I have a ton of respect for Craig and look forward to future videos.
The dash poker coverage was very good. I know you said you don't travel well but more crypto content like that would be great.

Actually, I've come to realize, nearly every major crypto vloger is getting their content wrong. In some cases they have 100K+ subs and all they talk about is price and new cryptos / ICOs. I don't think this model will last. Actually, what people get excited about is actual services, hardware and events USING crypto.
The dash poker coverage was very good. I know you said you don't travel well but more crypto content like that would be great.

Actually, I've come to realize, nearly every major crypto vloger is getting their content wrong. In some cases they have 100K+ subs and all they talk about is price and new cryptos / ICOs. I don't think this model will last. Actually, what people get excited about is actual services, hardware and events USING crypto.

GrandMasterDash - I agree 100%. Success in these types of arenas are not always correlated with value, but often marketing, persistence, and timing, but in the long run, I think that we need (and will get!) more content based on the actual use and value of cryptos and I look forward to being a part of it!