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Proposal for Testnet Contributors Fund

I would just like to clear some things up here in point form. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  • There are 315 blocks remaining until the superblock.
  • 315 blocks at an average of 2 and a 1/2 minutes per block is 787.5 minutes (13 hours, 7 minutes and 30 seconds).
  • A budget proposal is established when it is older than 1 day, therefore it is too late for a new proposal before the superblock is created.
  • The 1588 DASH requested in this proposal will never be created if Yea votes minus Nay votes is not more than 10% of total masternodes
  • 0.8 DASH not requested for any proposal will never be created.
I have to admit that I am not in favour of allocating the 1588 DASH to testers for the whole next 12 months but I do believe the testers deserve to be compensated in some way and I would much rather all you testers received those funds, as opposed to them never being created.

I understand that even if it is approved of now, it does not necessarily mean it will continue to be approved for the next 12 months, and I think buster's idea to test downvoting is a nice one. How exactly would this work? Would this mean voting on all recurring payments again? What is the process for downvoting? I am not necessarily going to downvote the proposal next month if the proposal somehow gets passed, but I would like to know what I'm signing up for here if I do vote yea.
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I am sure that a specific thread will be created, by someone who knows well the voting rules, in order to explain it clearly to the community.
Hi. Reading through the thread and not quite done yet but had a thought and wanted to throw it out before I forget. On page 4 at the mo where something like a pre-proposal is being discussed and wondered if a version control type system could come in there, something where edits can be up or down voted for inclusion and majority consent decide final submission as a proposal.

Supporting, some points I'd disagree with but ultimately Dash simply can't have too much testing considering the waters its swimming in, would suggest assigning the funds to a key member to distribute as they see fit and a means for members to accept or decline contributions though, decline here.
Testnet... Last time I participated on that, it was hard to move blocks because nobody was mining. It was a long time ago... I couldn't find a way to be useful because I seemed to be the only one running a testnet daemon. TestNET? It was TestME, lols.

I hear the current test candidate supports full frontal IPv6?

I donated a bit of vultr machine time...

If someone could help me get a 6to4 set up to escape my retarded ISP prison, I've got several machines that I'd leave available for testnet 24x7x365. 3x Pi2Bs and soon to be 2x ODROID-XU4s. That's support for 23 permanent testnet daemons by current memory use understanding. It would be a big deal to people playing around on these ARMv7 platforms to know that development was native...

I don't mind contributing generic resources, either, like with the vultrs, again. But, there are much cheaper VPSes to be had...

I really don't think it's appropriate to pay testers tho... I say that even as I purport to be one of them. The real testers are the developers, and they get a token pittance already. Increasing that token pittance, and providing them with test platforms that they don't have to pay for, seems the more appropriate route.

We're really just a bunch of nerd cheerleaders... The people doing the actual work deserve a raise long before we pay ourselves for cheerleading.
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