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Proposal Evaluation Committee

Excellent - very tactful. Exactly how I hope Evaluators will provide feedback.

I don't think you can link back to a specific post - just the thread. To link, tab back one step to pre-budget-proposal-discussions where you have just the thread names and 'right click' on the thread you want and copy link address
Or you can build a website to categorize the recommendations for each month and give the scores for each proposal so that the master node administrator can refer
Excellent - very tactful. Exactly how I hope Evaluators will provide feedback.

The goal after all is not to discourage proposals, or to disparage those that have put the time and effort into making them. The goal, I believe, is to filter the proposals through a layer of reality check to the benefit of the Masternodes voting, and the proposers putting their reputations on the line and promising to deliver what may not be realistically possible...
Yep - I also think the reports will help the Originators to finetune and adjust their proposals, so it will have a far better chance of passing. In other words, an indirect way of holding their hands ;)
@Biltong Look at my post here

I think that the Evaluator system that you are investigating could maybe morph and be incorporated into a system of delegated voting along those sort of lines?

I literally just had that idea a second ago and haven't processed it yet, so maybe there are a lot of reasons why it shouldn't...
We need PEC Evaluators!

Applications have closed

Thank you for the large number of Excellent Applications!

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PEC Weekly Feedback

Phase 1 of the Roadmap https://goo.gl/TD6dtw is still on schedule.
Some MNO’s and community members have applied for Evaluator positions, however I had the unpleasant task of informing them that the 'chosen 2' evaluators has fallen by the wayside. Instead of 2 evaluators the PEC will now use more evaluators to reduce the risk of 1 out of 2 evaluators leaving due to the work being too much or real life problems. Instead we'll employ more and the work and 30 Dash will be divided amongst them reducing the risk and workload. This will also make us more flexible to cater for real life events. We'll simply pass the Evaluators work to other Evaluators who wants them.
Busy preparing Evaluator instructions for the 1st of June.

We can always do with more Evaluators - please apply here: https://goo.gl/qiZx30
We also need more Mentors: Specialist in any discipline that will be called on by evaluators to examine specialized Proposals for possible problems.

Test evaluations should start on schedule on 1 June. We will not publish these since they are for our own learning curve only, but we plan to starts the Evaluation process on schedule on 7 June and Dash willing, we’ll have the 1st Short List ready for the MNO’s and community come early July.
I will also have the stressful task of preparing our own official PEC Pre-Proposal to be submitted on 7 June. A senior MNO evaluator will be chosen randomly to evaluate it and I'm quite concerned it gets a bad mark :oops:
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