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Proposal: Dash's Very Own YouTube Show

Absolutely Yes on this proposal, and Welcome back @amanda_b_johnson . Daily decrypt was Really fantastic, I hope you can achieve more in DASH project ~ Big fan from China;)

yep, like @alex-ru said,you can leave the translation work to the community, alex can handle Russian, me Chinese and Japanese. ~ more accurate than Google translate .

Alright. If and when you and @alex-ru and whomever else re-translate the multilingual subtitles I upload into better translations, just email them to me at amanda @ dash (.) org and I'll see that they get swapped out. That's great! Thanks.
I mean that we need good (not "automatically created") English subtitles as a base for translation to other languages.
I think that good way is:
1. to use automatic translated subtitles for Russian, Chinese, ... languages immediately when you will publish you videos
2. and then we will replace them with new subtitles (translated by people) as soon there will be ready.

I mean that we can make our old channel "not beautiful-atractive" (remove all playlists, designs and so) - so it won't compete with new channel. But don't delete old videos themselves (to keep old video-links still active).

Sorry for my bad English and misunderstanding it may cause. :)

Ah. I see. You just meant, try to de-emphasize the former channel.

I'm afraid that I think that's a bad idea. See, if that channel remains, it will continue to compete with the new Dash channel on keywords. The videos on each channel are exact replicas of each other, down to the title and tags. That means searches for those titles and tags will continue to bring up both channels. This leaves our potential customers in a lurch, as they don't know what-the-fuck channel to click on. And worse, if they click the former, they see their URL bar reading "Darkcointv" and they wonder where the hell they've ended up.

I know -- it sucks when videos get deleted and that leaves broken links to fix elsewhere. I know -- it is so shitty. But it is better to do it now than later. And it's good we can get this problem taken care of so early in the game. Before too many more people know how awesome Dash is.
I would support Amanda B. Johnson and Pete Eyre presenting a weekly DASH Youtube segment.
Their work under the Daily Decrypt label has always been attractive, informative, and entertaining, not to mention, consistently improving !
They would bring substantial benefit to DASH.

I would caution against using "employee/employer' usage in regards to any such service.
This is by contract, and all language should be according with that status.
All rights should be retained by DASH. (Perhaps the Johnson/Eyre team might contract for residuals from Youtube payouts, payable in DASH ???)

Of course, budget/funding requests must be submitted to the MN voters for approval, yet a Marketing Project Supervisor should be appointed as project manager for this endeavor to ease the workload of the MN operators in over-seeing details.

Outsourced improvement in CC work as suggested could significantly increase production workload.

I would very much like to see Closed Captioning in Espanol, if not a series conducted in Espanol.


Hi, @rustycase. Thanks for your input.

There will be no "rights" involved with the videos. They are usable, re-mixable, and publish-able by anyone, for any reason, at any time. We would be so lucky if other YouTube channels re-published our videos.

Pete and I also seek no "residual" payments -- we make no claim of ownership on any videos we publish. We seek only to be paid for the labor required to create the product.

I don't know what you're referencing when you say "Marketing Project Supervisor." I don't know who that person is. Maybe that role will be created someday, you're saying?

And yes, the outsourcing of closed-captioning by the lovely people who seem to be volunteering their linguistic services will be grand. And I see I forgot to list Espanol as one of the supported languages in my proposal! Apologies, and thanks for pointing that out. Rest assured Espanol will be included.

Thank you.
Hi, @rustycase.

I don't know what you're referencing when you say "Marketing Project Supervisor." I don't know who that person is. Maybe that role will be created someday, you're saying?

Hello Amanda B. Johnson !
Always good to hear from you.

I would think someone should be appointed to oversee any contractor's work-product prior to delivery before the general public.
Such a task would certainly exceed the weekly workload of a MN vote.
That same person could also offer assistance and insight into DASH, to your team, at the same time.
(What the core team of devs would not want to see is, "She said WHAT??? )
...And I have no clue who that person may be, either ! :)


It occurs to me I could do the 'long version' but it always gets tedious... as is drawing up or reading a pre-nup !

@amanda_b_johnson ,
About copyrights - I would just suggest to publish them under creative commons license: https://creativecommons.org
We can also prepare a necessary paperwork to make sure that we are using it properly and copyrights are transferred to the foundation.

I am trying to achieve this by defining PM framework for Dash: https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/project-management-framework-proposition.8693/
Current version is strongly oriented on software development projects but could be easy tailored to any project. We just need to finish it and make official (probably after v.12.2. release)