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Proposal: Dash Platform Incubator

Hi all,

FYI there are 2 Platform related proposals up this month, bring the total to 3 (including my one above). These are the first ever Platform related proposals, so pretty excited about that :)

I have connected with the POs of both proposals, it's the first time i've interacted with them and I don't have any knowledge of their past work outside of my current interaction with them, so I can't vouch for their reputation, delivery, value vs cost etc., so voters would need to make their own mind up.

But I think technically both proposals would add value to our Platform growth efforts if they passed and the POs deliver on what they have stated in the proposal descriptions.

You can read my comments on both proposals here:



if proper dash platform related proposals above cannot get through, means DASH budget voting system is heavily flawed and gamed, and will be done sooner or later.