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PROPOSAL - Dash Dark Friday


Here is my short and sweet budget proposal........

Sorry for late submission. I saw there was wiggle room in the budget even if all proposals pass and thought I'd throw this out there as I feel it will add immense value to the cause.

I would like to orchestrate the creation and execution of a Dash Dark Friday sale.

Those of you familiar with Bitcoin Black Friday will know that it is a hugely successful endeavor and results in lots of solid exposure for bitcoin. According to BitPay, in 2013, Bitcoin Black Friday resulted in a 6260% increase in TX volume with it being estimated that 6% of overall volume that day was for Black Friday sales. LETS DO THE SAME FOR DASH! WE WILL BE THE FIRST "ALTCOIN" TO HAVE IT'S OWN BLACK FRIDAY SALE.

I am asking for 200 Dash to make a big splash with this campaign. Below is what the monies will be used for. Amounts are approximate as Dash price has been rather fluid lately. Most if not all monies with be paid to third parties. I will oversee execution.

25 Dash - contractor pay to build site and act as webmaster
50 Dash - contractor pay for marketing and business recruitment
50 Dash - FB ads targeting crypto users and Dash fans
75 Dash - Podcast and/or website advertisement

Below you will find an update on how Dash to Adoption is coming along. I believe Dash Dark Friday can be used as a means to help Dash to Adoption with it's success.

Thanks for your consideration of this proposal. I will be available to answer questions and respond to critiques.
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Dash to Adoption is underway! Check out our page here: http://dashtoadoption.com

So far I have helped to setup 12 businesses with 10 more in the process of adding Dash bringing the total number of converted business to 22. It has taken me 44 days to do so. So that's 22% of my goal in 44% of the time which means I need to pick up the pace. I am working with my virtual assistant to compile large lists of prospects and will be contacting them all as well as reaching out to local businesses in the Austin area.

I will be sent out the Dash merchant survey to a list of 63 existing Dash merchants. In my emails I have also found more businesses that accept Dash that were not previously listed on any maps or listings. I will add them to the Dash Map and SpendDash.com.

I created a forum post that will serve as the beginnings of the Dash Merchant Association. Not much action yet but I will be invited all of the existing merchants to participate.

Below you will find images from several of the new businesses listing Dash as a new form of payment. We are getting the word out about Dash to all of these company's customers!

Free Talk Live is a nationally syndicated radio show that is on 171 different radio stations and is the 31st most popular talk radio program in the country. The program was instrumental in spreading bitcoin adoption and boasts having introduced Roger Very himself to bitcoin.



Liberty Radio Network (LRN.FM) is one of the most popular libertarian internet radio stations in the country.

Liberty Lobby LLC is a lobbying firm based in NH.


Empirico specializes in home water filtration systems.


Dr. Matthew Buckley is an Austin based Naturopath who has a large base of patients.