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Proposal: Creation of a team of competitive events


this e-Brazil you speak already knows of cripytomoedas and really shop for e-commerce! but you are not taking into account the vast majority who do not know Cryptomatoes. and how to reach this majority and trough of divugaçao. and here in Brazil there are no local delivery companies for goods but rather a state called post office that has a monopoly on deliveries in the national territory with many high prices and delay in delivery this when delivery! and the question of my proposals and creates a competitive team in games whether e-sport or card game. now the store, tournaments, event, lectures and so on. will come with time.
Hello guys!
I would like to thank everyone who has read and commented on the post so far. and I would like to communicate that I am half this absent from forun. because I will participate in some tournaments and events with the purpose of training. and having warned this I do not know if I will connect to the internet in this period I can delay to respond to the post. So I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a new year for all of the forum.
For those interested in donating! and just make the purchase in the above links and put my address:

The equipment for the team are these:
https://www.copagloja.com.br/pokemon/Booster Display?PS=9&map=c,specificationFilter_26


Equipment for event awards:


All links are from the official distributor of Pokemon Cards.

Remembering the equipment of the team the more the better.

My address:

Street: Dr. Moura Ferreira
Number: 54
Neighborhood: Downtown
City: Acarau
State: Ceará-CE
Cep: 62580-000
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