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Proposal: Building Dash community in Tallinn, Estonia


Dear Dash family,

The idea for the meetup sparked during the Moontec17 (check the video here) conference. When talking to people we were asked too often where could they find more info on the subject.

Inspired by that in symbiosis with communicating with the core team, we hereby would like to present our new proposal.

Our bigger goal is to build a strong local Dash community here in Tallinn, Estonia.
First step towards this would be to start with monthly meetups starting from January 2018. The main purpose of the meetup is to bring people together, educate them, teach them how to use Dash and provide space to network with other like-minded people.

Formal Part
  • Dash presentation
  • Crypto/Blockchain related guest speaker
  • Crypto/Blockchain related panel discussion with Q & A
  • Dash giveaway booth (creating new wallets and more in-depth explanation)
  • Possibility for freelancers/entrepreneurs to introduce their services to others (introducing and urging them to start using Dash payments as a payment solution. ROI- growing community)
  • Legal advice booth for entrepreneurs and freelancers for using Dash
  • Possibility to buy snacks and drinks for Dash (Instant send experience in the bar)
  • Crypto/Blockchain related guest booths

How to reach people?
> Via Facebook and Instagram Ads
> Via different community email-lists
> Via Word of mouth through our own networks
> Via Tallinn local Start-Up scene

The budget for 3 months:
> Venue
> Legal research for cryptocurrency as a payment on the local market
> Facebook & Instagram ads for meetup
> For Giveaway & Giveaway booth
> Team salary

Total 34+5 Dash (Proposal fee)

Keiu, Romet, Mihkel & Siim
I think this could work, but maybe a more detailed budget could help you to get more feedback from masternodes.

You could make benchmark with people of Dash Caracas who are doing a great job here in Venezuela with activities like you want to make.

Wish you luck!
Hello dear Community,

Our first meetup is successfully over and we’d like to share the experience with you.

3 evening hours filled with thoughts and discussion. Feedback from the participants was very positive, reminding us that we are doing the right thing here. After the official part people organically gathered into different tables, like ICO, mining, Dash, technical etc. We got new ideas for speakers and topics for the upcoming events, helped create new wallets and had Dash giveaway. Even in the end people didn’t want to leave, everybody just kept on talking and talking, which makes us feel that it was a great success. All in all, a very positive feeling to continue.

As they say that a picture says more than a thousand words, enjoy the aftermovie

Keiu, Siim, Mihkel, Romet
Hey guys, great proposal!

One detail, I would love to see a more detailed budget. How the funds will be used isnt very clear to me.

Wish you good luck.