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Proposal: 10+ Dash Videos for March!

Would you help me make 10+ more Dash videos for March by voting yes on this proposal as seen at https://www.dashcentral.org/p/10DashVideosMarch? When this is funded, I agree to make at least 10 videos of 5 to 20 minutes in length each on topics you request and/or on subjects with no existing or updated tutorials on YouTube.

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In February, I made 10+ new Dash videos and I put all of them into one nearly two hour master tutorial along with publishing them individually on my YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/jerrybanfield. After listening to the feedback on previous proposals, I just released an updated encryption video which will be replacing the 2 hour tutorial on YouTube and Facebook with the updated version as soon as the processing is done!

For March, I have a lot of exciting new video ideas that I hope will be complimentary with Amanda B. Johnson’s Dash Detailed show and capitalize on the recent publicity from the Dash price increase by making taking an action such as buying Dash or launching a masternode seem easy and worthwhile. One idea I have is for a 1 to 2 hour “top 10 Bitcoin myths” video which will show limitations of Bitcoin and then provide a tutorial of accomplishing the same task with Dash. For example, one video would show how Bitcoin is not anonymous and then show how to use PrivateSend for true anonymity in Dash. Another would show Bitcoin blockchain delays in payments and show how Dash can send instantly. My vision for these new videos is to help convert more people researching Bitcoin into Dash users and to inspire viewers with no crypto experience to start off with buying a little bit of Dash.

While I would have preferred to wait until the April budget to submit this to avoid the risk of not having enough time to get votes, babygiraffe just said in his last proposal that “As there remains a significant portion of the March budget cycle unallocated, and we anticipate some significant business development projects in the April budget, we feel it is prudent to begin accumulating savings toward these two conferences early.” I took this as a sign for me to make this proposal today for the March budget because it still has hundreds of Dash without funding.

If you read my last proposals and are kind enough to continue reading to the bottom of this one, I appreciate your patience with my comments in previous proposals after seeing the requests to edit one of the videos I filmed in February. I love this community and I hope to continue being a productive part of our growth here! Getting a masternode has been the biggest single investment of my life. This morning I had it sitting in an unencrypted wallet and in making the new encryption tutorial today right after I moved my masternode into an encrypted wallet. I appreciate you explaining to me how to me secure my own investment and working with me to share the most helpful message in the videos I create!

Thank you for reading all of this proposal! Will you collaborate with me to produce another series of 10+ new videos for Dash in March 2017 by voting yes on this proposal?

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Jerry Banfield
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