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Proposal 1 - Diameter IoT Platform

IoT payments solution for Dash

We’re here to bring transactions, trust, transparency, and analytics to the Dash community!
Our pitch presentation! https://diameter.tech/videos/pitch (with audio)

Here is our prezi link: prezi (no audio)

Again transparency is extremely important to us. Follow our real time progress below on gitlab:
Milestones that you can track are here: Gitlab Diameter Milestones

For Escrow:
Milestones we have setup with Dash Escrow are here: Diameter Escrow Milestones (with detail)

Here is out IoT Platform Overview video!

Hope you enjoyed the overview.

Please take a moment to watch the campaign video. This will be a major asset to the MNO and Proposal community. This is outside of our core business, but our platform had all the major pieces already to enhance this functionality.

Dash has spent a ton on marketing, but the ROI is hard to prove. I’m excited to show off our campaign solution as a good step forward in fixing the ROI puzzle.

Here is our Campaign Video

For fellow nerds & engineers - we wanted to give a goofy behind the scenes tech video of how a connected car works with our platform

Engineers definitely don’t excel at video editing lol. Please give us some leniency on the production quality :)

Proposal Details:
We have chosen to go with escrow for our proposal, this effectively breaks up our 6 months proposal into proposal 1 and proposal 2.

Proposal 1 will cover our first 3 months.
Proposal 2 (July) will cover our next 3 months before our December 2018 Beta launch.

Pre-proposal -> https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/pre-proposal-diameter-iot-dashboard.28795/

Budget: $113,500 USD

Dash amt: ~356 (mkt price of 318 as of 6/04/2018)

Our total funding for Proposal 1 (June) -> 3 months

This will fund:

4 Engineers
$85,000 total

Infrastructure, Legal, GRC activities

Proposal Fee
5 Dash

Branding, Design, and Wireframes Fee

Marketing and Design Fee

Proposal 2 will be in the September cycle, with escrow again. It will have the exact same budget.

The budget total for Proposal 1 + Proposal 2 will be: $227,000 USD (over 6 months or 38k per month)

Our budget is 80% cheaper than other tech projects that were recently funded. I hope you keep that into consideration. We will be delivering a lot of functionality in a very short period of time.

Again, Please feel free to reach out on discord at berz01-diameter