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Project proposal - Understanding the barriers to adoption of Dash by UK businesses and merchants

Completed Project Report - Understanding the barriers to adoption of Dash by UK businesses

Our first project Understanding the barriers to adoption of Dash by UK businesses and merchants in the Gold and Jewellery Sector has been completed with all milestones delivered;
  • Promote Dash and this project to UK gold dealers and jewellers, alerting entrepreneurs and Chief Executives that digital cash, specifically Dash, is heading their way.
  • Survey the 2200 NAJ members on their attitude and plans for future use of Dash, and what’s stopping them using it.
  • Incentivise completion of the survey by providing a Dash prize to 10 respondents. First prize 5 Dash with 9 runners up getting 2 Dash each. Capture data on companies who wish to explore becoming Dash merchants.
  • Undertake feasibility studies conducting technical assessments with four companies to understand their existing online sales processes and the size of the task in signing them up as Dash merchants and develop an outline plan for implementation. If we do not have enough viable interest we will offer a free technical seminar to all interested members.
  • Report back findings to Dash community and development team, to inform future work
The report of that project is available here or https://goo.gl/xYb2nr and demonstrates that our measures of success for this project have been met. With an increased awareness of Dash within this specific business community and its Trade Association, an understanding of the barriers to adoption of Dash by this sector and an Identified group of businesses who would like to become Dash merchants.

The outcomes of the survey of NAJ members carried out in November 2017 suggest a number of key areas to address. We were pleased by how receptive some of the sector are to progressing work with Dash. Top line is “If we build it they will come”. In our view there are no insurmountable problems identified in the survey. We believe that post the Evolution release there is fertile ground in this sector. This is good news.

We identified issues, both practical and perceptual, that need to be addressed. We propose distinct, but interconnected, work streams forming the project Overcoming the barriers to adoption of Dash by UK businesses. The National Association of Jewellers have confirmed they are happy to consider partnering with us on next steps. We will submit a detailed costed proposal in February for this project to include these work streams and lessons learned from the first project;
  • Integration of Dash into business
  • AML (we have had discussions with the Dash Core team on this essential work stream)
  • Ongoing communication, engagement with the sector and lobbying
  • Engagement with another UK sector
  • Exploring the potential of creating a circulation of Dash with buyers and sellers in the jewellery supply chain.
Finally we would like to thank all the Masternodes for their support and input into this project.
Any progress with Bullion By Post?
Thx @GrandMaasterDash. It was a shame they did not reply to the survey as we would like to have a conversation, especially because when we discussed integration with a few jewellers they agreed that buying materials with Dash is part of what they would want to do. So we are putting measures into our next proposal (unfinished as yet) to address this specifically.