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Problems to import Dash from paper wallet to Exodus (encrypted)

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Hello together,

I am not a native english speaker, so please don not wonder if there are some grammatical errors in my post.

So, I bought some Dash before some weeks and stored them at a paper wallet which I had created with paper.dash.org. I had also encrypted the paper wallet with a password.

Now I tried to decrypt the private key to import Dash to my Exodus wallet. It is not the first time that I decrypt a private key, so I am reasonably sure that I make no misstake at the decryption, but after the decryption I can't import Dash at the Exodus wallet.

When I insert the encrypted private key and the password to paper.dash.org I get the needed information to import Dash to Exodus.

When I use the "private key WIF" at Exodus I get the response "Error - Cannot read property "length" of undefined".

When I use "Private Key WIF Compressed" I get the response "Error - There is nothing to move from ....". I checked the Dash adress with a Dash Explorer, which shows me that the Dash are still at the wallet (or at the adress).

So, I tried also to use the other details after decryption (Private Key Hexadecimal, Private Key Base64, Private Key BIP38 an so on...), but I get always an error message.

Does someone here has the same probleme or does someone know how I can solve this problem?

Thank you in advance!