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PrivateSend Balance Mismatch after 0.12.1 Upgrade


New member
Hi everyone,

I upgraded from to (and then later to as well).

After the upgrade my Darksend balance (now PrivateSend) is significantly less than what it was before.
The total balance is fine, it's just the PrivateSend balance that's off by about 200 DASH.

Initially as part of the upgrade I just copied the wallet.dat over to the new DashCore directory before starting it.
Since then I have tried some of the options in "Wallet Repair", like Rebuild index and Rescan blockchain files, without any luck.
I've tried making a proper backup in the old version, and using that in the new version instead of just a quick copy.

I also tried it on Linux in addition to Mac OS X, the balance mismatch is the same on both platforms.

I compared the old wallet settings with the new, the "PrivateSend rounds to use" looked like it could be relevant, but it is set to 2 in both versions.

What can I do so that the PrivateSend balance reflects accurately in the new version?
100s denoms are no longer supported, you just need to mix a bit more again.